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Thread: What are you playing in 2021?

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    What are you playing in 2021?

    Tomi, I GOT THIS. New year, new thread.

    Man, 2020 was pretty crazy, but at least we all had a lot of time to sit inside and play games. By the end of the year the 2020 gaming megathread was 34 pages and 837 posts. No way we'll get that far this year. Before ya know it we'll all be vaccinated and out there livin it up and have NO TIME FOR GAMES! But at least for now, we're still stuck inside, so y'know, what are you playing?

    Me, I started playing Call of the Sea a couple days ago and I'm kinda hooked! Plays much like it's fellow Lovecraft-inspired first person adventure Conarium, but whereas I got bored of that one pretty fast, I'm only getting more and more intrigued by Call of the Sea's story as it progresses. The puzzles are good too. Real headscratchers.

    Also, one of the last games to be released on Steam in 2020 was Bram Stolk's Ring Miner. It's an asteroid mining... simulation... thingy. I picked it up and I'm kinda digging it. Might mine some more asteroids while I finish off this brandy. Happy New Year, y'all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post

    It's an asteroid mining... simulation... thingy. I picked it up and I'm kinda digging it.

    OK, I'll actually contribute to this thread. There's a Thief small mission contest going on, and several of the entries will be released...tomorrow. Great way to start off yer 2021.

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    As mentioned in the 2020 goaty thread, Thirith bought me Hades for Christmas, and it has quite happily decided it's going to take over my life.
    It just keeps me playing over and over with a steady dripfeed of unlocks, both narrative and mechanical.
    I just completed an "Extreme Measures" run, and now that bloody Skelly is taunting me with three shrouded prizes that promise to unlock by completing runs at certain heat levels, the first one unlocking at 8.
    And I just gotta do my man Sisyphus a solid.
    And Achilles is still pining away.
    And there's still someone I've not managed to give any nectar to, as there's a trinket missing from my list.

    Send help.
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    Tabletop Simulator. Pandemic, Dixit and Decrypto. So tired, but we saved the world from four deadly diseases. Yay.

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    Probably just RDR2. I've only spent a few dozen hours so far. But I got a feeling the game might be able to keep me busy and entertained for a long time. Maybe if Demon's Souls or Bloodborne get released on PC this year I'll play those.

    I hope to spend a lot more time programming this year than playing games. I wrote 32k lines C in 2019, as a hobby project. 2020 distracted me so much I didn't spend much time on it this year (covid-19 and the threat of the solarfield). Or I might get a job this spring (building the exact same thing, but in golang in stead of C).

    One game I will not be playing is World of Warcraft. I stopped cold turkey 6 years and 20 days ago. I intend to keep it that way.

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    Good work henke, nice starting post there, couldn't have done it better myself!

    We're having baby #2 in just a couple of weeks, so that will probably cut down my gaming time quite radically in the near future. Then again I'll be spending more time at home this year because of a new job assignment, so maybe I can squeeze in an hour of gaming here and there. Right now I'm playing Control. I'm about three hours in and only just starting to figure out what it's all about... I guess. Some cool Jedi tricks there, I like those a lot, and the gunfights are getting better too. Usually I kind of like checkpoint save systems, but I'd actually like to see manual save in Control. I don't like it when I'm not sure whether it's "safe" to quit the game or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post
    As mentioned in the 2020 goaty thread, Thirith bought me Hades for Christmas, and it has quite happily decided it's going to take over my life.
    It just keeps me playing over and over with a steady dripfeed of unlocks, both narrative and mechanical.
    While I haven't come as far as you, Hades has also taken up a lot of my time the last couple of days.

    Send help.
    You'll have to hope a boon drops soon

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    I'm close to finishing Uncharted 2 Remastered on PS4. It's pretty good looking tbh, a much better than Uncharted 1!

    I'm likely going to catch up on games I've missed, like To Do RDR2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Oh, and the other Uncharteds.

    I'm hoping to get my hands on an Oculus and play Alyx at some point.

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    Picked up a few things in the sale, Barotrauma, Among Us, couple of others I'll get to some time next year.

    Among Us was fun for 5 minutes, Barotrauma was a real surprise, quite a gem I think. If any of you are on the fence about it, pick it up.

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    Assassin's Creed Odyssey is still causing me whiplash. With each Assassin's Creed game I play, I'm thrown by how I like or even love some elements and hate others - and sometimes you'd think they should be the same. There are always some fun, cool, sweet, nicely written stories and characters, and then there are some that a 2013 AI would be embarrassed to have written. There are moments that are surprisingly nuanced, where characters show depth and there's genuine ambiguity - and then there are so many quests and scenes that are not just shallow, they're as one-dimensional as the worst kid's cartoons. If it was all that bad, I could either just ignore all the story and writing (and probably just not play the games at all), but there are great moments, helped along in Odyssey by Kassandra and her nice voice acting, and I wouldn't want to miss those.

    What bothers me the most in this one is how cartoonish the Cult of Kosmos is, and that's something that always bothers me in an Assassin's Creed game. They have the occasional more nuanced villain, characters that are driven by ideas and ideologies rather than just "I'm a baddie, I eat kids for breakfast, mine is an evil laugh". But much of the time they just default to characters who are evil because they are evil, and then they're written and performed in the dullest ways possible.

    Right now I'm doing some sidequests and I'm genuinely enjoying myself - but before long I'll get back to material that is just painfully trite and bad. They could at least have fun with their panto villains, but they rarely are: most of the time they're just really, really dull.

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    Finished Call of the Sea. Very good storytelling and puzzling. I had to spend half an hour with some of these puzzles but never resorted to a walkthrough, so perfect balance I'd say. The only negative to the puzzles is that there's too much walking required to some of them. In certain parts you gotta walk around big areas and flip switches, which is especially annoying when you're not even sure if you're on track to the correct solution. Overall tho, a good Lovecraftian adventure with a well-paced story.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeast View Post
    Barotrauma was a real surprise, quite a gem I think. If any of you are on the fence about it, pick it up.
    I did play through the first training scenario a while back, but when I saw that there's like 4 more training scenarios it turned me off. Is it viable to just skip the training and jump straight into the game? Also does it play well in singleplayer?

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    In my continuing saga of revisiting "old" FPS games, I've been replaying Borderlands (or more accurately, playing BL Enhanced for the first time) and loving the shit out of it. I wish they had fixed some of the dodgy design stuff that the later games handled better (proper scaling of levels in the DLC and 2nd PT, adding the ability to do a resettable/scaled PT2.5, fast travel waypoints in the DLC) but overall I'm enjoying it way more than I remember enjoying BL2 or TPS. While I don't particularly mind the humor in the later games, the humor in the first one is so much more subtle/less cringy. Aside from the entire setting being funny because it's basically "post-apocalyptic high-tech rednecks with space magic" there are just lots of little things that are funny. The bait-and-switch final battle. General Knoxx being driven to suicidal depression by the incompetence of Atlas' leadership. Patricia Tannis slowly losing her mind. Fucking Scooter. And the gameplay is so much better. No slag (I don't know how anyone thought a weapon type that makes your other weapon types do more damage was a gameplay enhancement), more wacky random gun combinations, rare/powerful items that can be used for more than a few levels before becoming useless, class skills and mods that actually make you feel like your character is getting more powerful as you level up instead of everything being tied to getting lucky on which loot you find, etc. So damn good. And the Enhanced edition fixed a few QoL issues the original had, with proper adjustable FOV, a better inventory interface, and (presumably, haven't tried it yet) matchmaking pulled from the BL2 engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    What are you playing in 2021?
    Come on, no random nonsensically capitalized word? So much for tradition.

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    Don't worry Nylonbane, we'll have one next year!

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    I'm playing Assassin's Creed Unity.
    Nice overall upgrade from AC4 / Rogue - combat is much better, as is the parkour.
    Game mechanisms are cool, though I am not sold on the co-op stuff much yet.
    That said, I am feeling the usual AC / UbiMapIcons fatigue starting to set in, so I may need a palate cleanser soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Come on, no random nonsensically capitalized word? So much for tradition.
    It's more of an homage to the original What are you playing? thread. I like to consider this a soft reboot of the "what are you playing" megathread franchise.

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    Somehow I have accumulated more than 2,000 games in my Steam library, so I'm on a bit of a mission to actually play some of them, which means any games I mention in this thread will mostly not be new releases.

    So far, heading into the new year:

    Gray Dawn (2018) - weird little religious psychological horror from Romania. It's not very horrifying, and the plot doesn't make a jot of sense, but it's nice to look at and has an unsettling atmosphere.

    Beholder 2 (2018) - the sequel to 2016's decent dystopian adventure Beholder feels like a step forward from the first game in terms of setting and story, but lacks that first game's sense of dread; the protagonist here never seems to be in much peril. I like that your workplace is heavily inspired by the Ministry in Terry Gilliam's Brazil although the work itself does become quite tedious (maybe that's the point).

    Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! (2017) - if you enjoyed the first installment of the stress-inducing restaurant sim, then you'll probably enjoy this extra large second serving too. Having said that, I think it suffers from shifting the focus onto working for other restaurants rather than building your own place up from the ground like in the first game. But the wider variety of foods and the addition of holding stations adds some much needed variety to the gameplay.

    Sniper Elite III (2014) - for now, this is still my go-to multiplayer shooter. It's nice to find one that rewards sneakiness rather than just being a manic free for all. If you can get past its slight clunkiness you can have a lot of fun here.

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    I started Art of the Rally due to peoples enjoyment of it here. I am not a racing game kinda person, but am actually liking it so far, good to pick up for a 20-30 minute bash.

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    Yeah, that's how I played it too. An hour at the time at the most, then it starts to get somehow boring, but you'll soon be wanting more! The recent update was excellent, it added a couple of cool new cars in the game, but most importantly it had some tweaks to the physics. The cars still feel a bit too floaty if you ask me, but the big jumps are much more fun now.

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    Just finished Observer. The gameplay is very Frictional Games-y. Just like Amnesia/SOMA it's a first person horror adventure with stealth bits, and should be very much up TTLG's collective alley. The story is alright, but the game is mostly worth experiencing for the world it presents. It is the most cyberpunk-y cyberpunk setting I've seen in a game. The disparity between the squalor of the slums you explore and the hi-tech shit hooked into everything is sickening and jaw dropping. It's really something.

    On the other hand there's good reasons not to play this right now. During the majority of the game the building you're in is in lockdown because a deadly virus has been detected outside. There were moments when playing this when I looked around and thought "geez, sure glad we aren't living in this dystopian future!" then I remembered where we're at. So, y'know, you might just wanna put this one on the "play later" list, until things brighten up.

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    Started playing Doom Eternal after picking it up in the Steam sale, and... what the hell happened?

    I was expecting a first person shooter, not this weird, bloated mish-mash of almost puzzle game-like combat encounters and Super Mario platforming, weighed down by a sci-fi drivel of a narrative divulged through an overabundance of edgy cutscenes.

    I don't get it. Am I misremembering Doom 2016? I remember it as a lean, tight FPS where the story took a backseat, and where every combat encounter gave you the freedom to experiment stylishly, thereby successfully updating the classic 90s FPS formula for modern times (albeit with perhaps a tad too much complexity to its systems to really capture the raw fun of the original Doom).

    Doom Eternal seems to have forgotten what worked about its predecessor, and doubled down on the complexity, innovating for innovation's sake when they already had a winning formula.

    Maybe it gets better, but so far, I'm having no fun at all.

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    Yeah, that was exactly my first impression. I did end up making it through the thing, and the first DLC, too. It gets more enjoyable once you have more tools at your disposal, just like 2016, but it's always a bit of an exhausting juggle that's optimal in small doses.

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    I started thief gold for the first time a couple weeks ago. Joined these forums cause im liking it so much.

    Dont play a crazy amount cause i have other responsibilities, but when i do get into it i REALLY get into it. So far just beat song of the caverns and its already one of my fav games ever.

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    I think most of us would agree with you that Thief Gold is amazing. When you're done with that, make sure you check out the almost-as-awesome expansion pack, Thief II.

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    Check out our ThiefGen sub-forum to talk about it, and when you're finished with TG and T2 (and I guess T3 Deadly Shadows), you definitely should check out the fan missions for TG and T2!

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