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Thread: Mobile version all messed up

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    Mobile version all messed up

    Since the mysterious one-hour break yesterday, the mobile view of threads has gone all wrong. The reply/quote/etc buttons at the end of a post don't display correctly and the font sizes need some fixing. I actually like it how the page now has fixed width and that the actual text is easy to read, but it's obviously broken.

    Perhaps I should just use Tapatalk or whatever people use nowadays, but I didn't find it very convenient when I tried it years ago.

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    Never mind the mobile version, the normal version looks also like that.

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    I think I saw this one time before, during the last year. I was wondering if it was a personal setting. Or my browser cache messed up. But I see the unusual layout on 2 devices, 3 browsers, with and without being logged in. Of course it's not a big problem. But looking at this makes my head spin.

    Edit: it seems fixed now? That was quick. Whoever fixed it: thanks!

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    Apologies - a long overdue forum upgrade was done yesterday when the opportunity presented itself. TTLG has a number of customisations / additional styles and a couple slipped through the net. If you spot any other anomalies then let me know.

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    Thank you for the forum upgrade, Al_B.

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