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Thread: One Million Units contest missions released (1 Jan 2021)

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    One Million Units contest missions released (1 Jan 2021)

    These are the missions for the Million Units Contest that we started up back on October 1st. The idea was to emulate the style of the old Komag contest from the early days of Dromeding and Fan Missions, which required smaller sized missions created in a 2-3 month time period.

    UPDATE: Four new missions have been added as of 1/8/2021.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: We now have a voting page:


    First Group - Released January 1st
    Alcazar - by Schlock (with much help from Squadafroinx). - This is a Thief Gold mission
    A Midsummer Night's Heist - by Rotten Burrick of a Master. -NEW- Apiai has provide a French translation for this mission, get it HERE.
    The Perdurance - by Skejven.
    Sinister Night - by Terra.
    The Turning of the Leaves (v1.1) - by nicked.

    Second Group - Released January 8th
    The Cinder Notes - by Anonymous. -NEW- Apiai has provide a French translation for this mission, get it HERE.
    Nightwalk - by Pookaball. - This is a Thief Gold mission
    Recipe for Turmoil (ver 1.2) - by Anonymous. - This is a Thief Gold mission
    Sabotage in Eastport by Intruder.

    MISSION THREADS - Please post all comments and questions in the relevant thread!
    The Cinder Notes
    A Midsummer Night's Heist
    The Perdurance
    Recipe For Turmoil
    Sabotage In Eastport
    Sinister Night
    The Turning of the Leaves

    Have fun...and Happy New Year to all...

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    congrats to everyone,you all are amazing

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    Thanks to all authors for their hard work and effort. May the plumsies and the intruder painting bless you.

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    How much time do we have to play these? When is the voting deadline?

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    Wow, what a generous community we have! Congrats to all the contestants!

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    Congratulations to all the authors, best way to enjoy some new year thieving, 5 lovely new missions.

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    Happy New Year - what a glorious start with these FMs. Thank you brethren and congrats to all authors.

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    Congrats to everyone taking part in this contest, both to people who released their maps today, and to those in the future.

    Now, I have some small complaints, like why only two out of 5 files have 1mil tag? That should be sorted out imho, if it's a contest map, it should stand out in my folder. Another thing is.. where is a poster? I don't expect a whole trailer for the contest, but at least a poster, learn from the quake community!

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    Thanks to everybody involved in 2021 definitly starts great. Happy New Year everyone!

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    Many thanks to all authors, an amazing way to start the new year!

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    Wow, Santa came around again for New Years! He was probably sick of sitting around in 2020.

    Thanks to Brethren for organizing & all the hard working authors, and a salute to Komag for starting a tradition lasting over two decades now at TTLG.

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    A happy(ier) new year to everyone - and especially to those folks still providing us with the best stuff there is: Thief missions!

    If only the rest of this year will be half as good as this first day...

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    Thank you

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    Added links to the mission threads created by skacky, and stickied this thead (and unstickied the thread announcing the contest).

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    good stuff

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    Wow! Happy New Year :)

    I just happened to wander on in here this new year & look at that... Thank You guys

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    OH Joy to the World!....what a gift this is...Thank you!

    Happy New Year

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    Just got word an additional mission is in the works, to be released before the extension is up. Here's a few screens:

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    Looks awesome!

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    Did any of the organisers say how long the voting period will last, I know we can’t vote yet but when does the contest actually finish with the results being announced.

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    Happy new year and congratulations to the authors!

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    I'm not usually "rate" games, but this time i'll do that, just for fun. Not the best review, but whatta heck

    The Perdurance and A Midsummer Night's Heist is on top.
    Cannot decide. Two complete different missions. The best of two worlds

    A Sinister night
    Some bugs. But rather good.

    Not really my type of game. But i finished it.

    The Turning of the Leaves
    Did not finished it. Really not my cup of tea, running around collecting flowers in the wood.
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    In case anyone missed it in the dedicated thread, I've uploaded a new version of The Turning of the Leaves, v1.1, which fixes script problems:

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    @Beltzer - I'm guessing you're being somewhat facetious, but the flower part of that mission is completely optional. If you dismiss it based on just that, you're really missing out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    @Beltzer - I'm guessing you're being somewhat facetious, but the flower part of that mission is completely optional. If you dismiss it based on just that, you're really missing out.
    Yes, some facetious, about picking flowers. I assumed it was something optional. Forests is... i don't like them I just ran around for an hour looking for the thief place. I did not got hooked on it, so i ended the game. It was no fun.
    But, thanks to all authors, who spent a lot of their free time to give us some games.

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