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Thread: One Million Units contest missions released (1 Jan 2021)

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    >What should I do?

    Nothing. Treat *.7z the same way you use *.zip.

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    just drop them into fan mission folder they work fine

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    Yeah it works. I guess I tried opening these missions with DarkLoader because there I can't see them if they're not zip files. But when I opened them with NewDarkLoader everything worked just fine. Thank you!

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    just use FMSel PLEASE. It comes with tfix/t2fix by default and its easy to use just uncomment a line in cam_mod.ini

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    You know what is the worst thing about such a contest with quality entries? The moment when you realize that you finished playing them. :/ Thanks to all the authors!!

    I need to find something to play. I mean TG or T2.

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    I'll try that, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acolyte6 View Post
    I need some help on finding the "upper floors" to V's mansion. Found the guard towers and the wing that leads to the puzzle key & chest out the window, but not where the scroll says to go.

    I also need help locating the prototype. Been everywhere & everyone is dead. Oh yeah. Are there molds for the smelter or is that just for show? Oh & where do I destroy everything?
    Sounds like you're playing "Sabotage in Eastport".
    You might want to put this question into the FM's thread: 1 Million Units Contest - Sabotage In Eastport (Jan 8, 2021)

    (although you should already be able find your answer there)

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    2 missing missions

    Recipe For Turmoil & Cinder Notes will not install no matter what I do. Please help.

    Ahaa. Using FMsel 1.1.2, but that wasn't the problem. Anyway, as for using Gold. Don't have the 2nd disc no more
    Recipe for Turmoil is doing the same thing.
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    Are you using Darkloader?

    Darkloader doesn't recognize 7z files, you need to play using FMsel, Newdarkloader or Angelloader.

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    Both missions are for Thief: Gold, make sure you're opening them with it, if you have it.

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    I also added it to the original post, but Apiai has provided us with a French translation for A Midsummer Night's Heist. Get it HERE.

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    Recipe for Turmoil updated to version 1.2. Fixes issues with objectives and also adds a German translation.

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    Stupid question but where can I see the voting results/winner? Can't find a thread.

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    Results are here.

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    This thread has been unstuck and the results thread has been stickied temporarily - sorry, should have done that weeks ago.

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