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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - The Perdurance (Jan 1, 2021)

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    Loved how I felt like I was always being chased. Hard to lose a tail if I've got to move fast to evade those things. Managed to get through it without using any utility, though I feel I'm too conservative with moss arrows. Died once trying to mantle into a vent opening. What a clumsy thief.

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    The mummies just aren't for me.

    Very much liked the state of the ship and the environmental storytelling, but I won't finish this one.

    Moving slowly around invincible enemies in close quarters is just not what I'm looking for right now.

    Happy for those that do enjoy it, though.

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    Thanks for this mission Skejven, I enjoyed it quite a lot! Nowhere near perfect, but the tension and atmosphere buildup was great. It dropped some in quality when it was forced ghosting, fast monsters and tons of metal, though the mummies weren't hard to sneak around.

    Finished with 1525 out of 1600 loot. Didn't find the light grenade one player talked about, nor the weird meme scrolls, but I didn't search that well. I may go back to loot for other loot. Is there enough equipment to kill the mummies? I only found 1 flash mine and 1 flash bomb...

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Is there enough equipment to kill the mummies?
    There isn't, I think the light granade one user was referring to was just a flash bomb
    Do people really think there is too much metal? I find it quiet surprising, I mean it's a mechanist metal ship in the end but I understand the gameplay point. There are only few rooms that are mostly metal The chapel (which you can go through without ever touching metal tho), the upper part of the engine room, one small room before that and one room with the water machinery in the centre. This might be a lot but you also have 3 moss arrows to your disposition and since I tried to make the mission interconnected and with several safe spots you can get away to from the mummies if you alert them, which can lead to some cool action like fortuni mentioned.
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    Finished this mission in 8 minutes on "normal" difficult, very satisfying ambient that is unusual , the darkness that imposes itself around the player, ive never seen that before in a mission, it's incredible what we can do with NewDark.
    The atmosphere is creepy, nice ambient music, fun gameplay and interesting boat that offers well built art-deco rooms to explore.

    Thank you!

    Will replay it in "expert" mode some day. This will receive a positive note from me.

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    Finished. Very nice one, with excellent use of ambients and a unique dark atmosphere. I'd like to point out that the enemies weren't too annoying because of their balanced settings - relatively weak vision and hearing with moving speed and attacking skills well above average - something that the player can handle cleverly, and not an annoying overpower. The voice of the AI was also very unique and enjoyable. Something partly with the vibe of The Builder's Paradise, but with better gameplay. This ship rocked, thank you for a great entry!

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    I did not finish this mission. I liked the atmosphere and the detailed setting but was frustrated by these mummies.. Simply not my type of mission, sorry.

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    A well done little, simple horror FM; but with a lovely attention to detail. It was a wonderful and scary, but not frustrating experience.

    Thank you!

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    A Mechanist setting put to good use. I was impressed but the roombrushing and the lighting. The atmosphere inside the corpse-strewn ship reminded my of The Builder's Paradise. Great stuff! Finished on Normal in 32 minutes with 1405 / 1600 loot.

    I initially enjoyed The Perdurance a lot, but these feelings evaporated as soon as I was confronted with very fast undead that quickly became more annoying than frightening. I was trying to ironman the mission, then made a save as soon as I saw the first one racing by. I am glad I did because it is nigh impossible to successfuly ghost them. I did not count the number of reloads I had to do, but it must have been around 50. The inside of the ship is very loud and due to the contant noise around me, I was never sure how loud my footsteps were. This made ghosting even harder.

    The mission would be much better with slower enemies that can more easily be avoided. To illustrate this point: A Sinister Night, also from the 1 Million Units Contest, has basically the same objectives (get a valuable item and some loot, then get out) and the same challenge (avoid a couple of undead you can't kill). Even though the room design in A Sinister Night is far less interesting, I felt that mission was a lot more fun to play. It gave me a chance to observe the enemies' behavior, memorize their patterns, and then device a strategy on how to move from room to room without them noticing me. This was not possible in The Perdurance because of the fast movement speed of the undead and the constant machine noises around me hampering my listening to footsteps of enemies and myself.

    At the starting location, where you are surrounded by all the fog, the framerate slowed to one frame every couple of seconds. I had trouble leaving and later getting back to the start. It was better on the ship's deck. Inside the ship, all was well. I play Thief on an old computer, but usually I have no problems.

    I noticed the allusion to Ascend the Dim Valley. If there were more allusions, I did not recognize them.

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    I totally understand where you're coming from, but I personally found Sinister Night to lack any kind of challenge (other than loot goal, which definetly wasn't fun to meet at expert). The amnesia monsters aren't a threat to the player at all, plus the complete darkness this FM has and majority of the floor being of stone material makes it hard for me to imagine getting caught other than at the end when they spawn right at you.
    I think this is mostly due to difference in our playstyles, I personally don't mind ghosting at all, but when I get caught I prefer to work my way out of the situation, rather than reloading a quicksave. That's why I made mummies more of a challange in this regard, they're quick so getting away from them after being caught is much harder, but because mission is (mostly) interconnected and has stuff like vents and few platforming spots, getting caught doesn't mean a certain death. If those were regular zombie speed enemies I could just you know, run away without any kind of problem.

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    What you write is interesting. I played A Sinister Night without saving and much like I would have played Amnesia - The Dark Descent: desperately not wanting to be seen. I think that is why that mission was so enjoyable for me. I was always on edge trying not to get caught. When I actually managed to do it, I got a nice feeling of accomplishment. Where you perceived a lack of a challenge in A Sinister Night, I felt the challenge was just right.

    I tried to play The Perdurance the same way and got frustrated when I had to learn it is just not possible. The mummies move so fast they will eventually ambush and attack you. I understand you wanted me to run away and hide in one of the ducts or other obvious hiding spots for a while. I can play the game like this, but I vastly prefer a slow approach. Sneaking around scary enemies also makes for a better horror experience than treating them like children in a game of tag.

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    I though that is the way Amnesia is meant to be played, no? It doesn't have manual saves, you sneak, but when you get caught you want to run away and hide, save yourself instead of reloading right away. I didn't really want you to play specific way, don't get me wrong, it's absolutely fine that you didn't enjoy that aspect of the mission
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    I completely disagree with your comparison of Sinister Night and Perdurance, Username. I found Sinister Night to be more tedious and boring due to layout and no challenge. The mummies provided heightened tension and an actual scare factor. I do think there should be enough weapons to kill them if so desired, but in terms of design quality and interesting layout, Perdurance is a considerable number of notches higher.

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    Well, we can only agree to disagree. I also thought The Perdurance has a much higher architectural quality and interesting layout than A Sinister Night, but disliked its enemy design.

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    This was great fun - good, creative use of Mechanist theming throughout, nice atmospheric build-up and pacing, and the unkillable enemies were a fair challenge and didn't outstay their welcome.

    I guess my only "complaint" is that it was very straightforward - just in and out in 15 mins, but it was really great fun while it lasted.

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    Can anyone confirm that all the loot exists in this mission? I've been over the entire ground 4 times now and come up 25 short. I didn't read about anyone getting it all. I haven't found any one particularly difficult item, just randomly scattered here and there.

    Edit: Not even 5 minutes later I found it. I never realized the cabinets in the kitchen could be opened. There was a gold goblet in there.
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    Since Apiai made french translation of the mission (thank you very much again Apiai!), there is new google disc link that includes both english and french version.
    There weren't any game breaking bugs reported and I don't want to update the mission while the contest is still on-going, so this "update" doesn't include any fixes/changes.

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    One of the creepiest missions ever!
    Brilliant use of lighting, SOUND(!!)(oh god! the SOUNDS!), and the claustrophobic confines aboard ship to raise the hackles and keep them raised.

    Almost Lovecraftian in its sense of dread and the unknown.

    Hint to those who have yet to play it: Do NOT turn the gamma up! Play it dark. You will get the full terror of it then.

    Loved it!

    I wonder what could be done with this control of atmosphere and fear in a mission not limited in size?
    Expand this to deeper decks, approaching closer and closer to. . .the UNNAMEABLE!!
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    I agree. One of the most creepiest missions ever. When I rated the missions from this contest, I gave The Perdurance a 10/10 in the atmosphere category.

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    Just finished this mission, which is one of my favorites so far in the contest. I really liked the build-up of suspense, since (at least on Hard) the two highest floors at first don't have enemies.. It was a smart move to put most of the marble floors on those floors since even though I was sneaking carefully, I was still scared when I made a noise on them. And to not immediately get a repurcussion actually increased tension.

    I read a lot of people had trouble with the metal, but I thought it wasn't overused. The author created some nice shortcuts and had enough other surfaces where needed. I had little problems sneaking after observing patrol routes first. The mission felt a bit like a love child between Hipbreaker's Eclipsed and John D's Deep Trouble. My favorite aspect of the mission is how the whole ship looked really beautiful, while the rooms also made logical and spatial sense. My favorite was the engine room!

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    The #1 wanted feature is here: ślōnskŏ gŏdka (silesian language) support! I know nearly everyone here was waiting for it so I made it a thing. Remember to change a line in darkinst.cfg to something like this: language silesian+english
    and remember to boost your immersion by reading the FMInfo SZL.txt file!
    As with the previous language update, this one doesn't update the mission with any fixes/changes

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    Awesome!!!!!! Thanks for the update, gonna have to pass on the FMinfo reading as it might break my immersion though, but very cool nonetheless.

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    Short but sweet horror mission.

    The setup of a ghost ship with some evil presence onboard reminded me a lot of Nosferatu (and the VTMB ship section based on that movie).

    I was fine with all the metal because it forced me to decide if I wanted to play extra slow, or risk running and alerting the mummies then trying to get away/hide from them. I'm not big on ghosting, especially against non-human enemies, and I actually enjoy having to adapt to new situations.

    The mummy creatures scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them (one of them came rushing up the stairs from below deck and got right in my face). That radio static like noise they make was very reminiscent of Silent Hill.

    One negative would be the mission ran very poorly for me. I am on a crappy laptop at the moment so that may be why.

    Would like to see a longer/larger mission with the same atmosphere.

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    It took me a few tries before I could get into this one (although the first attempt gave me a good spook), and I'm glad I stuck with it. The whole thing looks great, but the bottom levels in particular are a delicious slice of industrial horror. Love that vibe of "this environment was not designed for your comfort or safety". I found the layouts to work impressively well for both sneaking and panicked running, and the tunnels are disorienting and claustrophobic, especially with the darkness "fog". I admit my final, successful attempt was more Looney Tunes than graceful. I think I would have preferred only one enemy, but maybe that would have been too easy. Oh, and I caught a reference to Ascend the Dim Valley.
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    I can sum this one up in just one word... CREEPY!!! (with a capital "creep"..)

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