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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - Sinister Night (Jan 1, 2021)

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    1 Million Units Contest - Sinister Night (Jan 1, 2021)

    This thread is for any discussion or questions related to the mission Sinister Night by Terra.
    You can download the mission HERE or HERE.
    The contest thread is HERE.

    Please give clues instead of outright solutions when helping others and use the spoiler tag when you do this.

    Remember that this mission is for THIEF 2!
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    came up a bit short on loot but everything else i completed,pretty scary mission,great job

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    Scary mission! I came up short on loot as well. I might go back later and see if I can get the loot goal.

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    Well-well-well. Amnesia, huh? And the arsonist, heh...

    Nice mission. Forced ghosting, but the level is dark and Garrett don't afraid of it, so enemies aren't much of a threat.

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    My heartbeat had the "luck" of playing this just after completing Perdurance (and after playing some other Haloween type missions recently). I found The Sinister Night more challenging than the former. Getting the Orb was the only objective I completed as I was unable to continue being alive after it. Was also 800 loot short from required sum on Expert. I may revisit this mission at a later time because currently I couldn't care less where the remaining money is located.
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    Mission beaten in almost 30 min and I only missed 90 loot. Overall, it's good mission, but it has some small problems. The biggest is ground texture being messed up and it blinks black. It's really distracting and doesn't look good. There are also moments when ambient sound gets crazy spooky, but in game there is nothing going on. For example: I decided to scout starting area and went to boulder on the left and then out of nowhere I heard bunch of weird voices. And my first reaction was "Why?". There are few other situations like that. Also monsters - they may look scary, but they move just like apes and it looks comical. Overall mission was fun and it has some creative ideas, but it wasn't scary.

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    Gave this one up, bored after 20 minutes. The light was too unusual, other than usual flares, even with max. gamma. Couldn't find the key for one (I guess important) locked door. Sorry, not my type of game ...

    Looted 262/2267

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    This was an AWESOME mission I enjoyed every minute of it!! I hope that it will be continued or expanded in the future.

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    Location: Sweden.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it as well, helped to play in a dark room and I could navigate pretty well without messing around with gamma values, even without using the lantern but can understand if its not everyones cup of tea but it felt unique.

    Had max amounts of loot found on first playthrough as I went so slow and thorough, some loot can be missed probably because its a very sinister and dark setting to it.
    Maybe it if was more polished more players would also enjoy it.

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    The only issue I had was that the textures seem to be too similar all over the map. I still had fun playing this mission, and I was amused when I found out I could spin the sand bags around with the lamp!

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    First, thanks to ,Brethren for this Contest and thanks for all taffers for playing my FM. I know there are many who like this FM and many who bored and give up after some time, but thanks to the taffers who play, try and finished this FM. It was a fresh air to create a little FM like this, the Acideus Saga needs many Time and many energy, this contest give the authors a little break from the projects and gives also new ideas. thanks to my testers and to my germans Friends and thanks to FireMage.

    Back to work, all taffers a happy new year, and we see us when a new FM is coming.

    Cheers Terra/Theker

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    Wonderfully spooky mission. The lantern could be a bit finicky, but I liked that if I aimed carefully, I could remain in darkness without having to toggle the lantern in the inventory.

    Found 1917 / 2267 loot.

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    I'm having a good time playing this without using the lantern. It's fun and spooky listening to those things stalk the halls and expecting one's visage to emerge from the inky black in front of me. It's making me feel lost with the all the hallways that look the same, and really makes me cherish every marker I do find. The way the music swells with vocals at the end of every loop is incredible.

    That being said I'm having trouble finding beyond 1277 loot. I've read a few books about some real macabre shit, gotten the orb, and found the trapdoor leading back up to the starting floor. Am I missing something obvious?

    edit: some real spooky shit happens if you point your lantern at the bags on the ground.

    edit 2: started retracing my steps but using the lantern to look for ground loot and found some stuff I missed. Passed with 2017 loot.
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    Thanks for releasing this pretty scary mission.

    While maneuvering through the cobweb-filled dark corridors, I enjoyed the dark and somehow well created uneasy mood.
    I also was in expection of nasty jumpscares, but there were really none for me. While ghosting was forced, it was relatively easy to avoid enemies or to outrun them if caught. Using the lantern like a flashlight was a good idea and was fitting to the general atmosphere. The scariest FM I ever played was Thief 2 FM - Deceptive Perception 2 - Phantasmagoria. This mission is good for a cozy scare, but doesn´t play in the top horror-themed league.

    I love scary missions

    Like @LostCitizen I ended a bit short in loot, missing around 600 for me to sucessfully end on expert difficulty. Maybe I oversaw a whole section and I don´t know exactly where; I was even in the attic (a bit hard to reach from the collapsed stairwell). Maybe this would explain the difference in loot I had to LostCitizen.

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    Haha I had to laugh when I saw the amnesia creatures. Luckily for me here they were nowhere near enough as frightening as the ones from amnesia!
    Nice creepy atmosphere!

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    Finished this one 50 loot short. Sorry, but this wasn't my cup of tea. Like Galaer, I found the creatures more humorous, and they didn't make it scary. I also reacted to the sudden change in music, without anything going on, and the flickering moss cover was distracting. I didn't really find the gameplay that interesting either. Forced ghosting yes, but the whole compound is basically pitch black, so nobody will catch you anywhere except for the last room. Lots of similar rooms on top 2 floor, and similar chambers on bottom 2 levels. Appreciate the work Terra, just not my kind of mission.
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    Definitely does a good job of bringing Amnesia to Thief. Monsters were about as dangerous as in the game that inspired them (which is to say not too much).

    That said, I didn't feel like digging around in the dark for gold beyond the most basic requirement; I kinda feel like it would outstay its welcome if it was stretched out too long.

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    Oh my... well this mission was not according to my taste (based on fear and darkness), i even don't like ghosting but here i had to do that. Despite of these, kept playing and finished the mission on expert. The DarkMod/Thief 3/4 textures were interesting and made the mood more weird (at least for me). In my opinion the creatures were not as fearful as the dark atmosphere itself with limited sight distance (maybe because they moved like apes and had funny ass ) I didn't regret playing it, even if i don't like these type of missions. The Author has obviously extra sense for making weird and creepy atmosphere.
    Ein glückliches Neues Jahr für Dich auch Terra
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    Cute gothic kind of horror mission. Although while I like the idea of mixing ape beast animation with zombie noises, the look of monsters is so well known to me, that I do not find it scary. I found more terrifying the appearing bug texture on corridors. I initially thought it was on purpose to create paranoia of being followed by non-ominous shape, that may be dangerous. Sadly it was just a bug. As mentioned by others, the lack of matching dramatic sounds with what happened in-game instead of bringing dread it brings slight annoyance. To mention something positive, I liked the black-out moment.

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    Just finished this one, Terra you do make such good looking missions, I so enjoy playing your FM's but did feel this one possibly your weakest mission, it's really very small and really quite easy, but still I enjoyed it immensely, just wished it was so much bigger.

    One thing I noticed was that occasionally I saw some textures on the floors flashing a little as you approached them, did anyone else see anything like that or might it have been my graphics card not being good enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    One thing I noticed was that occasionally I saw some textures on the floors flashing a little as you approached them, did anyone else see anything like that or might it have been my graphics card not being good enough?
    It's not your system; this is a technical fault with the FM. The author has placed many decal objects at the exact same height, instead of offset from each other by .01 units. The engine doesn't know which one to show as higher or lower than the other because the z-buffer values are the same.

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    Thanks DirkBogan.

    Might have to mark this mission down for not using the 'best use of space' in that case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    Might have to mark this mission down for not using the 'best use of space' in that case.
    Nice one. I went back and found the rest of the loot, so I can assure you its all there. I had missed two coin stacks in the attic.

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    is there any hint for the Key?

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    Which one? There are two keys. For the first one, it's on the floor of one of the side rooms on the upper level.
    Bigger hint: It's under a chair in one of the rooms to the north.

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