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Thread: Moving Windows to a new PC

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    Moving Windows to a new PC

    I've been thinking about building a new PC. Am I able to take the primary SSD on my existing machine and just insert it into the new one? Will Windows 10 and all my installed programs work OK in this scenario?

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    Hmm. Windows 10 will probably detect it as a new install and your drivers will go a bit bonkers, but it'll probably eventually work out.

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    It's just best to do a clean install. Even if it works out initially, there's a potential for problems with drivers down the line.

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    Worked fine for me back in the Windows 7 days, no issues at all. I was rather amazed. Don't know about Windows 10, though.
    Uninstall your graphics card drivers first if you are switching from Nvidia to AMD or vice-versa.

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    It will not work as I know. It will be better to install it directly on your new PC to be sure that all system parts are installed and configured properly and all drivers are also installed.

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    may, or may not work without issues, and may, or may not activate properly. clean install is recommended (was recommended 20 years ago, and I'm very sure it will be recommended 20 years from now on).

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    You are right.

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