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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - VOTING

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    1 Million Units Contest - VOTING

    We have a voting page available, so do your patriotic duty and VOTE! Big thanks to Al_B for setting this up.

    Click here to vote----->

    FYI, I'm going to extend the voting period through the end of February, and announce the winner on March 1st.

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    i voted,good luck everyone,and thank you so much again for all the hard work,it was a pleasure to play them all

    my top 3 1=The Turning of the Leaves 9/10/10,2=the cinder notes 9/10/9,3=Alcazar 10/9/8

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    Registered: Jan 2004
    I think those will be my top three, too. I'll have to review a bit before I vote, though.

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    Registered: Jan 2004
    And yeah. After review same top three, though in a different order.

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    i was going to post i figure most would have same top 3 in different orders

    it comes down to voting on each categorie honestly for each persons view, of best use of space/building design/storyline

    hence why they will be in different orders

    it amazes me how the top 3 missions i picked were so close in different ways,one was a hands down use of best space,while another had best storyline and one had best design of map

    but i do belive the top 3 i picked over all will be the same as most everyone else,just based on how voting is layed out,and yes i saw people can skip catagories on voting and just put one solid number,then and only then do i think people can pick a different mission as top 3

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    Registered: Aug 2001
    Voted earlier this morning. Good luck to all the authors, and thanks a lot for keeping Thief alive!

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    Registered: Feb 2020
    I couldnt play thief 1 missions but all the thief 2 ones.
    There was one mission especially that i found so bad that i actually good sick...
    I am glad that we had so many entries...

    No mission was a perfect 30 however my top 3 were are all above 26 points.

    Fantastic entertainment.

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    How are you trying to launch the Thief 1 missions? Are you launching them with Thief2, perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl2 View Post
    I couldnt play thief 1 missions but all the thief 2 ones.
    There was one mission especially that i found so bad that i actually good sick...
    I am glad that we had so many entries...

    No mission was a perfect 30 however my top 3 were are all above 26 points.

    Fantastic entertainment.
    Hello Owl2,

    you can only play them if Thief Gold is installed - if this is the case, you should easily get these FM working with FMSel for TG


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    It's very hard to make a real difference with such solid entries like Turning of the Leaves, Perdurance, Cinder Notes, Alcazar, and of course the genius Midsummer Night's Heist.

    Just WOW!

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    Location: Germany
    Mostly great missions - thanks to all authors!

    My faves are - in that order: Alcazar, The Cinder Notes, A Midsummer Night's Heist, The Turning of the Leaves, Recipe for Turmoil, Sabotage in Eastport, The Perdurance, Nightwalk, Sinister Night

    I had a lot of (short) fun with them and will play most of them a second time to get maxloot (I normally only go for 90+% loot to enjoy the story, atmosphere & mechanics).

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    Registered: Apr 2020
    Location: Germany
    This contest includes so many good missions, but my top 3 would be 1. the turning of the leaves (by far) 2. the cinder notes 3. a midsummer nightīs heist

    Thanks to the authors for their awesome job!

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    Location: San Miguel de Salinas, Spain
    Voted right now, many thanks to the authors for building such quality missions.

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    Iíve just voted on all entries. I donít know if anyone else had this but because the Voting page relies on you being logged into the Forums pages, via another tab, and because the Forums page doesnít appear to detect that you are busy on the voting page, after a time it logged me off. Iíd voted for about 3 of the entries, consulting my notes and commenting but when I voted on the 4th I was told I was not logged in so the last set of comments was lost. After that I regularly clicked at random on the Forums page just to register activity.

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    Location: Deep in the Heart of Texas!
    These were all outstanding missions and I was blown away by them. Great use of the space given and great game play.
    Thanks to all and good luck.

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    The Turning of the leaves and Cinder Notes were a step above, thanks to all who participated.

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    I find it rather difficult to rate the three categories on a scale from 1-10. I would have preferred a scale from 1-5.

    What I did was I just multiplied an overall score of 1-10 by 3 for most missions, leading to a score like 30, 27, 24 etc. Thanks for including the option to just submit an overall rating.

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    Registered: Sep 2011
    I have played all 9 missions, I have 1 favorite and 4 that would take the second place

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    Location: UK
    Done me voting duty. Had one favourite - and 3 very close runners up! Thanks to all authors - I had a blast playing your FMs.

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    Registered: May 2004
    I'm pretty critical, but I've genuinely enjoyed all the missions in this contest to some degree, and I think my top seven of the nine might have all been contenders to win contests 10 to 15 years ago, depending on the contest parameters.

    I've settled on my top two missions and my bottom three missions, but it's a bit of a battle in between. I keep a spreadsheet where I keep tweaking the scores each time I replay a mission. I've played them all at least twice now and I still can't settle on my scores for the missions sitting at 3rd to 6th in my rankings.

    I know it's silly, but I remember the slim margins of the Dark Project's 20th Anniversary Contest and so I probably give an exagerated concern to raising or lowering any mission by a single point compared to others.

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    Registered: Mar 2013
    Location: Finland
    Finally played them all and finished voting. I too have clear 1st and 2nd placements and bottom three placements, but the rest in the middle are very even.

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    Registered: May 2005
    I enjoyed all nine submissions. My current order from favorite to least favorite (but still enjoyable) is:
    1. Alcazar 10/10
    2. A Midsummer Night's Heist 9/10
    3. The Cinder Notes 9/10
    4. The Turning of the Leaves 9/10
    5. Sabotage in Eastport 9/10
    6. Recipe for Turmoil 8/10
    7. A Sinister Night 7/10
    8. The Perdurance 6/10
    9. Nightwalk 5/10
    My ratings might change when I replay these. The Perdurance especially I feel I should give another shot.

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    Registered: Mar 2018
    I voted. Here's the list from favorite to least favorite (btw my scoring is a bit different, because atmosphere and space categories affected it a lot):

    1. The Turning of the Leaves 30/30
    2. Nightwalk 21/30
    3. Sabotage in Eastport 27/30
    4. A Midsummer Night's Heist 22/30
    5. Recipe for Turmoil 24/30
    6. The Perdurance 18/30
    7. A Sinister Night 14/30
    8. The Cinder Notes 19/30
    9. Alcazar 18/30
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    It might be a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyways:
    Will my votes count even if I don't vote for all 9 missions (obviously I won't score my own entry)?

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    These missions are great! I had a hard timing choosing how to rank my top 4 favourites.

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