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Thread: Page size bar missing in Acrobat?

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    Page size bar missing in Acrobat?

    So my PC is on the fritz, and I'm using my backup laptop until I get my new hard drive. On my PC I have Acrobat 9 installed, and it displays the pdf page size in a status bar at the bottom of the window. However, on my laptop (same Acrobat version) I just noticed that status bar is missing, and I can't find an option to enable it (I work with converting pdf's a lot, and that page size bar is essential).

    And for some weird reason, I can't find anything on the internet about this. Surely I wasn't dreaming?

    This is what I currently see

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    I don't have version 9 to hand but in later versions it's an option in Edit / Preferences / Page Display / "Always show document page size" checkbox.

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    Yep that's it, thank you!!

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