I'm having difficulty turning on my ultrawide monitor.

It's one of these.

There seem to be multiple issues with the JOG button, which doubles as the power button, of Samsung monitors as evidenced by multiple threads on this in help forums. But I don't see a solution to my issue.

The power light is on and constant, but it will not turn "on". The screen has nothing on it. I used a backup screen I have for a day, and then tried plugging this one in again and it worked. Now it's not working again and I'm back to the backup.

I'm plugging two different PCs into this - my gaming PC and my work laptop - both via HDMI and use a switch to use the mouse and keyboard with both. You usually select the source with the JOG button and I recently changed it to manual select because it was acting a pain and not flipping to the right source when I let it find it itself.

I know other people have similar displays. Has anyone had this issue and found a solution to it? I got this only 2 years ago and they haven't dropped in price. I feels like the most 1st world problem ever too!