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Thread: Thief Gold: Return to the Cathedral discussion

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    Thief Gold: Return to the Cathedral discussion


    I've just finished this level in normal difficulty in Thief Gold (legacy D3D renderer as usual) and man.. do you think was a good level and easy or stressing? I was expecting the ghost that would have asked me to take the other Brothers inside and I brought them there but at the end he did not.. was it an objective of the other difficulty level? Anyway.. 1 hour and 50 minutes more or less.. last 30 minutes with almost zero health...
    First time I play this game until this level.. I've seen the next video of Garret and the Eye scene.. impressive I wasn't expecting that!
    This game seems much harder and scarier of Thief 2 until now.


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    I think this is the best level on the game. And of course, this first game is better than the second one too.

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    You are correct; Murus only asks you to bury his brethren on Hard and Expert difficulties.

    I remember when I played this mission the first time, I naively used most of my gear to eliminate the undead in the cathedral, leaving me with very few resources for the rest of the level. It was extremely tense trying to sneak past all those haunts, and I was too scared to even think about backstabbing them. But nowadays, because I've replayed it several times and know what to expect, I can calmly tackle Return to the Cathedral like any other mission.

    And IMO, the most challenging missions in Thief are the one immediately after Return to the Cathedral as well as Soulforge at the end of Thief 2 (and I mean challenging in a good way).

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    Unfortunately playing it with my config I didn't have a gamma slider to set and fog wasn't there.. I'm sure it would have been even scarier.. I hope to replay the game once finished on this uncommon smartphone SGX545 gpu with all the original high end settings.
    For me this was a patience stressing level for sure.. the only idea to come back inside the Cathedral again and again was a pain.. I did "miracles" to survive in certain moments.. maybe I didn't like the sort of step by step questions of Murun ghost.. before he needed that.. then it needed something else.. and then .. and then.. maybe if it told me the first time the list it could have been better..

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