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Thread: name one thing in om's story line/etc you wish would have been expanded on more

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    karath din era i think holds the key to a lot of things we all want to know about lost city/old city/keepers and precursors

    imagine a contest where its about the "karath din era"/"precursors" deep in storyline and when magic was at its most popular

    funny thing about thief 1 is there could easily be 2 games that predate it,thief 0 which is about garretts parents,rise of the hammers,end of the old city

    and also a thief -1 which is about precursors,lost city,keeper origins and start of old city

    i would have to say based on the map since there is a lot of water ways/ocean it would be heavy on ships/travelers/and even more mystery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esse View Post
    My personal belief is that the Hammerites pushed back with a vengeance against the thought of women in religious orders and the City Watch. I can see them painting the idea of gender inclusivity as a wholly Mechanist idea, and thus something to be avoided.
    It might have been something like with WW2 where women were recruited into traditionally male jobs with Rosie the Riveter propaganda posters etc, but when the war was over, they were pressured to give up their jobs. Probably something similar was going on with Truart and Karras lacking people for their organisations. I mean, Truart took in all sorts of people, including former criminals, and Karras didn't seem to be all that discriminating either. The former perhaps due to the Blackbrook war and the latter due to needing all the followers they could get. Probably also helped that Mechanists were oriented more on tinkering with technology than swinging an oversized hammer around.

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    yeah benny got hired they were not picky :P

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    I still wonder what happened to Baffords sceptre and why Garrett just canīt grab the eye with a rope lol

    I really would want to know more about how the Mechanist servants work. I mean, it is never really explained how they are controlled by the masks. I know that there is cut content that might have explained it
    further. Still, so it remains not really clear. Is it necromancy or something else? As the servants are still alive, but without control over their mind. Also, it is never explained how the mechanical eyes and robots can tell the difference between friend and foe(like the guy in Framed saying it is explained in a seminar).

    Still wonder why it has no influence on the Hammerite faction status when Garrett demolishes the clocktower. Also, how did the eye come to the museum? Itīs not clear what happened with it after T1.

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    I was always curious what kind of Sheriff Mosley would have been. I understand why we turned focus away from the Watch after Tracing the Courier, but still I always wondered if she would actually be a fair and incorruptible Sheriff.

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