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Thread: Thief Fan Missions Group (Facebook)

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    Thief Fan Missions Group (Facebook)

    Good evening fellow Thieves!

    Me and my friend, Gary Chethuti just recently started to manage a group on facebook, what is highly related to Thief/ Thief Fan missions and Dark Mod. The group’s life started to drop, so we decided to refresh it as much as we can, but meanwhile, we lost some members, we dont know why. After this, we decided to save the group, and we really want to get more members to join. Thief can be found on many sites, but on FB, you cant really find a living group related to thief fan missions.
    Our goal is to create the biggest FB group related to thief fan missions, not for money, not for fame, we just want to organize the fans into one place on FB, where the people can share their experiences with each other, and so on. We really want to increase this game’s fan base, and FB is one of the best places to achieve this goal, because so many people uses it, and with this group, they can easily reach not just each others, but informations, files, news, and so on.
    The biggest goal is to never let the Thief Universe being forgotten, and to distribute it again to the people, just like at the beginning.
    If you interested, please join us on our FB page.
    There is the link, everybody is welcomed with open arms!

    Goodnight fellow thieves, and let the fan base grow as much as it can!ūüėĆ

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    Yep! Like a Phoenix from the flames, the old Thief 2 Fan Missions Facebook group is now known as Taffers Thief and Dark Mod Fan Missions Portal with the aim to bring a slice of TTLG to Facebook where everybody is invited!

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