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If there's nothing to stop others from selling it, retaining copyright is meaningless.
If you're not transferring copyright, what are you selling? The answer is just a meaningless blockchain record.

With digital artwork, you can own the copyright. The copyright is an asset with intrinsic value. You can license it and make money. That's the business model of Getty Images. You can also obtain a license from the copyright holder to use or reproduce the artwork. That could be an asset with intrinsic value, if the license terms are restrictive. What else is there to own?

The existence of a record on a blockchain that says person A sold X to person B doesn't rip anyone off if X has no intrinsic value. If you could find a foolish buyer, there's nothing to stop you from selling an NFT that claims to represent ownership of my house. Have you ripped me off? Nope. The deed is still in my name.

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Um... I don't know it for a fact, but I'm pretty sure NFT is also used for money laundering.
I'm going to speculate wildly and say that I think there is probably an ulterior motive behind most of the NFT sales that involve big money for tokens of questionable value.