I did this back when I played Nioh, figured I'd do it again, because why not. Anyway, it's Nioh 2, which is basically more Nioh, with some new mechanics and systems added. The most noticable ones are the Dark Realm, which is like the yokai realm with similar Ki regen penalty, except it's a larger area, and you can't purge it - on the missions, you have to kill a miniboss to cleanse it, during bossfights you have to get the boss out of Ki, or stall long enough. The other is Burst Counter, which is like a powerful parry against certain attacks. There are also Soul Cores, which give access to certain demon attacks during combat.

The first two bosses were rough, either because I was rusty (been two years since I played Nioh), or because character upgrading just starts off slower here. I didn't even get any magic or ninjutsu until the 3rd mission. Anyway, here are the first three bosses: