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Thread: I want to make my own fan mission :) (Thief 2)

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    I want to make my own fan mission :) (Thief 2)

    Hello to anyone that is reading this thread.

    I have some spare time that I'd like to spend on making fan missions.
    There is, of course, a huge problem. I don't know how to make them!
    Sooo.... I hope that someone can help me getting my grip on the basics. A link or download for any kind tutorial would be greatly appreciated
    My goal is to make my cute little mission in about 1 or 2 weeks. It would be so awesome if I could make my very own FM Missions. I'm so excited!

    Thank you for reading this, and sorry for my poor english!

    (PS. Please note that I still know some things here and there as I started testing in DROMED a few years ago when I was about 17 years old
    So I'm not a complete stranger to dromed, but I can't find the tutorials some guy made on YouTube anymore. )

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    You should probably go to the Editor's Guild forum here on TTLG and ask there:

    There's also a tutorial thread pinned at the top.

    (Or maybe a mod can move the post?)

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    On the same forum (Editor's Guild) there's a discord link to a server that can be really, really helpful for anyone looking into dromed, so don't be afraid to join that as well!

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    I've moved this to The Editor's Guild.

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    The Youtube tutorial you're referring to might be Dale_'s, though I don't believe it was ever finished. They were privated for a while and it seems to me he posted a while back saying he'd made them unlisted. The thread's around here somewhere, though I don't have the link.

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    Hello TaleOfATaffer! I started with Nicked's Absolute Beginnerís Guide, which is a very clear tutorial for beginners. I highly recommend that!

    Also the discord channel Psych0sis mentioned is really useful too and people there are very helpful (

    Here's the thread to Dale's "Let's Tame Dromed the Beast" tutorial videos:

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    Thanks! I've liked the video's and then put it into a playlist. I've started my Dromeding journey today. I will update the thread as soon as I got something to show ya'll!

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    Always happy to see a new author. We need more missions.

    One piece of advice. Think small for your first mission so you actually finish and release it. Once you complete your first mission, you will feel great and will be hooked on Dromed. After that, we can expect many more from you.

    Best of luck. I am looking forward to playing your mission in the near future.


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