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Thread: Thief 3 - character's first step goes sideways

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    Thief 3 - character's first step goes sideways

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having this annoying issue with Thief 3:

    After turning around using the mouse, when I press W to go forward, the character takes a step sideways like a drunk. If the turn is clockwise the first step is to the left (instead of just forward), if the turn is counter-clockwise the step is to the right. I own the game from GOG. Both the vanilla version and with the "Sneaky Upgrade" have the same issue. I have disabled anything gamepad related both in the in-game settings and the Sneaky config tool, to avoid any random input interfering (and I haven't any gamepads connected), but it didn't change anything.


    any help appreciated.

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    Never mind, I figured out what it was. First off, I didn't even know the game supports a 3rd person view, so when I switched to it, I figured that the "side step" was probably because of Garret's weird animation when he turns around.

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    In 1st person view you can eliminate the sidestep if you turn the mouse much further than you want to go. Beyond some angle (maybe 45 degrees) the body will smoothly turn so the head won't turn all the way round like an owl.

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