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Thread: Esse's Custom Texture Repository For FMs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    Nice work! Always good to have more textures and painting! Looking forward to seeing more from you!
    Thank you for your encouragement, Random_Taffer. I'm glad that my work is bringing something good into the community. It's funny that you posted that just now, too - I have a new texture pack up! Painting Pack #4, which is at the bottom of the original post. It's something smaller to keep the thread active while I work on this next big project.

    Now, if only I could figure out how to make these cave art pieces look good. I may put this one on the shelf and see instead if I can tile a texture from a Lascaux Cave wall to make up for it. It still would work, wouldn't it?


    I'm working on a somewhat larger texture project right now, but I don't want this thread to go inactive. To combat this, I decided to put some more paintings up for people to download until I have this next project done. It has 25 files of either 256x512 or 256x512 pixels, all of which are saved as .GIFs. It's 2.22 MB in size, so not as big as some of the previous files have been. Can't say that'll be the same for this next project I'm working on....

    Full .ZIP Archive For Painting Pack #4:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esse View Post

    Here are some more ancient ruin textures for your cities of old and places still inhabited. The aesthetic is Assyrian mixed with Egyptian, so it could fit into Karath-Din or one of its colonies or outer settlements. (The Precursors used hieroglyphs instead of cuneiform, however, so it might work better for an ancient people further out from the city. (Alternatively you could say that cuneiform was the common man's writing, with hieroglyphs saved for important documents, signs, the royalty, tombs.... ) Texture replacements have been named after canon Thief textures that they could slot over, and hopefully that will make moving them into Dromed texture families easier. They include replacements to turn the talismans into cuneiform tablets (or tablets that double as readables); textures to turn the talismans into animal sigils; cuneiform textures to replace the hieroglyph signs in the Lost City, and animal sigils to replace the hieroglyph signs; a plain clay texture to create clay bottles out of wine bottles, but which could also be used for clay vases; various carved clay textures for small, lootable vases, but which also could be used for bottles; a repeating brick texture with various animal motifs (fish, bull, serpent-lion [serpopard], bee/hornet/wasp, and sirrush) in the same recolours as the first pack's, but with flowers at the top except for the bees; a plain brick texture with a floral border; and various replacements for Lost City wall and catacomb decorations, featuring the sigils and clay carvings from the aforementioned textures. There is also a bonus "Xtras" folder with all of the banners I've released thus far (except a couple of tapestry textures I need to hunt down), now with torn versions of them and banner support poles. It also features three new tapestries that also have support poles and torn versions. This means that, if you chop at them in-game and they're an object, you can now have it that the banner is ripped after you use your sword on it.

    This pack has a whopping 118 files, and is 19.12 MB in size. Please let me know if there are any tiling or mapping errors - I couldn't check the texture objects in Dromed. I have to figure out where the TFix high-res textures are so I can go in, replace them, and preview objects with my new textures on them.

    Full .ZIP Archive For Ancient Reliefs Texture Pack 2:

    Finally, after much saving, accidental saving, content-cutting, scrapping textures, and a bit of mistakenly-deleted content, this texture pack is done. I'll have a preview up for it when I don't want to scream at the pictures for existing. 118 files of this....
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    A preview is now up for the Ancient Reliefs Texture Pack 2. Please excuse the word jumble in its description - it was very tiring trying to finish up this pack after losing some pieces of it.

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    If anyone has any requests for textures, I'm open to ideas. In the meantime, I'm getting ready to put out a small painting pack in the near future.

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