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Thread: Esse's Custom Texture Repository For FMs

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    Registered: Feb 2021
    Here's another texture pack ready for download.


    Made using assets from Dromed Deluxe, this 1.21 MB .ZIP file contains twelve beggar textures to replace the PaganMaleWhite, PaganMaleBlack, and PaganWoman models. They also could work as prisoners for missions featuring the City Watch or the Hammerites.

    Full .ZIP Archive For Beggar Pack:

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    Registered: Feb 2021
    Another texture pack for download.


    This pack, which is 588.35 KB in size, contains six recolours for some of the Noble models in Dromed. It uses textures based on/made with textures from Thief: Deadly Shadows.

    Full .ZIP Archive For Nobles Pack:


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    Thought I'd make a quick statement about this since it's been brought up in other threads:

    Some of my work here uses AI-generated assets. This was before I learned about how certain AI scrapes info from existing art to create its generated prompts. Going forward, I will be doing my best to avoid all scraped AI assets for my work. I'll leave be the stuff that already uses it in case people need it for something, but otherwise, I'll be switching back to original stock and public domain images only. I've noted in past posts where scraped AI stuff has been used so you can avoid it if you wish. I only used it for a couple of textures and a banner texture overlay.

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