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Thread: One Million Units Contest - RESULTS (Update: includes category rankings)

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    One Million Units Contest - RESULTS (Update: includes category rankings)

    Back on October 1st, 2020, I announced the "One Million Units Contest." The missions were released on January 1st, and the voting results are now in.

    Congrats to Schlock - 1st place goes to him and his mission Alcazar, for Thief Gold. Excellent work there.

    The missions were ranked 1-10 points in three different categories, for a potential total of 30 points per entry. A more detailed breakdown by category should be available within a day or so, but I still wanted to post the final rankings as soon as possible.

    Here is the final tally, with the average points per entry (out of 30):

    1. Alcazar, by Schlock, 26.84.
    2. The Turning of the Leaves by nicked, 26.34.
    3. A Midsummer Night's Heist, by skacky, 25.29.
    4. The Cinder Notes, by DrK, 25.21.
    5. Recipe for Turmoil, by Psych0sis, 22.82
    6. The Perdurance, by Skejven, 22.14.
    7. Sabotage at Eastport, by Intruder, 21.84.
    8. Sinister Night, by Terra, 16.36.
    9. Nightwalk, by Pookaball, 16.19.

    I may have missed my cue during the recent podcast, so let me give out a huge THANKS to all the authors for all your hard work. Obviously none of this would be possible if not for you.

    Also, thanks to everyone who played the missions and voted. We had a pretty decent turnout with an average of about 125 votes per mission.

    As I mentioned, we should have some more in-depth results later this week, including category breakdown and possibly voter comments.

    Thanks again to all, and good night.

    Edit: One more thank you to Al_B for setting up the voting system and making it all run so smoothly. The whole thing wouldn't work without you.

    UPDATE: Player comments have been posted for all missions. Go HERE.

    2nd UPDATE: Here are the rankings by category:

    Best Use of Space (out of 10)

    Alcazar, 9.23
    Turning of the Leaves, 8.75
    Midsummer Night's Heist, 8.49
    Cinder Notes, 8.40
    Recipe for Turmoil, 7.68
    Sabotage at Easport, 7.19
    Perdurance, 7.00
    Nightwalk, 5.52
    Sinister Night, 5.31

    Design/Construction (out of 10)

    Alcazar, 8.95
    Midsummer Night's Heist, 8.79
    Cinder Notes, 8.67
    Turning of the Leaves, 8.61
    Recipe for Turmoil, 7.91
    Perdurance, 7.51
    Sabotage at Easport, 7.41
    Nightwalk, 5.49
    Sinister Night, 5.18

    Atmosphere/Story (Out of 10)

    Turning of the Leaves, 8.85
    Alcazar, 8.70
    Cinder Notes, 8.11
    Perdurance, 7.94
    Midsummer Night's Heist, 7.85
    Recipe for Turmoil, 7.24
    Sabotage at Eastport, 7.04
    Sinister Night, 5.77
    Nightwalk, 5.07
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    Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all the participants! Really nice missions in this contest!

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    Congrats to Alcazar, it deserved it, I totally agree with the Top3. Thanks to all the authors for giving us several fun and interesting approaches on the contests topic and damn Psych0sis tricked us again. Skacky was pretty obvious considering his behaviour on twitter and the forums DrK, could have guessed that now, considering the architecture. great job guys!

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    I KNEW cinder notes was DrK, bloody awesome mission!

    Also Psych0sis I gotta say, you did a fantastic job with your mission, atmosphere and everything was just beautiful!

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    Thanks! It was fun to crank out over 10~ days (started on december 26th ). Glad it was enjoyable for what it was and congratulations to everyone that participated.

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    Congratulations to a well-deserved winner, and many thanks for everyone who has made a mission for this contest. As always, you are the people who are keeping this community excellent. Much appreciated!

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    Congratulations to all who took part and especially Schlock for the well-deserved win!

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    >1. Alcazar, by Schlock, 26.84.

    Hmm, that was the single FM in this contest which I disliked so much that I haven't even finished it.
    Previous contest had the same result: I never finished that rooftop maze.


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    Alcazar is a very deserved win, Schlock has easily became one of my favourite FM authors with his last 2 missions
    Congrats to all the participants and thank you Brethren for the contest!

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    Congratulations on the winners, "Alcazar" was also my favorite mission of this contest. I forgot to vote for one mission that i never was able to finish it, too late now...

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    Congratulations to Schlock and everyone else who participated! There were lots of very enjoyable missions in this contest! I really couldn't have guessed that Recipe for Turmoil was Psych0sis mission. Good job!

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    Congratulations to Schlock and all who took part. Some super strong entries - really interesting, and a few surprises, to find out the authors

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    One million applauses goes to Schlock!

    Thief Guild is now updated with contest results, too.

    The in-house TG ratings are also visible now, and I am generally happy with the TG ratings being fairly similar to official votes.

    26 votes on my page is not much, but I like the fact that Alcazar has its strong 8.85/10, while "The Turning..." and "A Midsummer..." have reversed places when compared to official rank. This shows that the winner is much better than other entries, and also depicts 2nd + 3rd FMs gathered similar votes because both of them are really good missions

    Of course these numbers will change quickly after I publish this post, so here it she picture for reference:

    I also like the fact that Alcazar seems to be the 2nd most controversial FM (right after Sinister Night, obviously), and still won the contest:

    Here you can sort the missions by all kinds of metrics:


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    I'm an idiot, I forgot one more very important "thank you."

    Thanks to Al_B, who setup of the voting process and made it all super easy and convenient. Al is very much an unsung hero for keeping everything at TTLG running smooth and efficient. I really appreciate the help, my friend.

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    I've been lurking these forums for years now and I think this might be my first ever post.
    This was the first contest I participated in voting for and I just wanted to say it was great fun, I've been following fm authors and the forums in general for a while and I was glad to finally participate in something ongoing after missing TDP and TMA's anniversary contests.
    Thief (Gold) is my favorite game of all time and I'm glad fanmissions and contests like this still exist, it makes me happy to see.

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    I'd like to thank all participants for their effort which resulted in a remarkable batch of missions. All of them worth trying out, and in some cases we're talking of great replay potential! That's truly amazing for small-medium sized maps. I'm so, so glad we have this much quality here, and also diversity - spanning from classic Thief Gold atmosphere through ghastly, horror missions, all the way to more lightweight, sometimes daylight levels... and in case of the winner, Alcazar, all of that combined!

    Congratulations to Schlock for such a multilayered, intense addition to the world of Thief! A win well deserved. But it has to be mentioned that we had many WINNER QUALITY levels in this contest; all TOP 4 missions scored very close to each other, and I believe all of them were my "favorite" at some point during the contest.

    Thank you again, dear mapmakers, and thanks to all community for providing this kind of experience & discussion in 2021.

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    I really have to hurry up with all the thief 2 Fanmissions, so I can start with the Thief 1 / Gold ones soon! There are just so many awesome ones out there, I canīt even catch up fast enough!

    A very big congratulations to the contest winner Schlock, Iīm very looking forward to play your mission sometime!
    Also a very big congratulations and thank you to the authors who participated in this contest, itīs always so much fun!

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    Well done, everyone! The skill and creativity of the contestants was shown off in full during this contest. They were huge and sprawling, well-crafted and full of wonderful texture, lighting and AI use. I hope to see those who entered do so in another contest, and those who didn't place in the top three get a second chance to do so!

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    With sincere respect for everyone's entries, I offer a huge congratulations to Schlock (and Squada). Alcazar is astonishing; it's just a phenomenal piece of level design. I'm actually kind of relieved it won; I was afraid its style, and it being a Thief Gold mission, would put it at a disadvantage in a popular vote. I was kind of expecting A Midsummer's Night Heist to win because of its broad appeal and professional polish.

    And speaking of AMNH: Thank you to skacky, DrK and Psych0sis for once again toying with us. I enjoy trying to guess the authors and I love seeing talented designers imitate other talented designers. I feel like I learn a lot when you guys do this sort of thing.

    We should also honor Sliptip and Wille as their presence was strong in this contest despite their not participating directly.

    Thank you so much to all the authors and to Brethren: Because he initiated and organized this contest and so many talented authors entered it, we all got to kickoff 2021 with hours and hours of pure escapist joy.

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    Congratulations to everyone, especially the top3 which I totally agree with
    I had a good time playing these missions.

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    grats to all cinder notes should have been third

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    A big thank you to all the authors who participated, and an especially big congratulations to Schlock for pulling off the win! Many of these missions are masterpieces in their own rights, and I look forward to replaying them and discovering all the secrets I missed the first time around!

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    My big thanks as well to all the authors! It was a blast to play these and a very high standard overall. Alcazar firmly deserved the win, even though I had Turning of the Leaves 1 point above.

    I am shocked to see DrK did the Cinder Notes. I did not see that coming at all! Skacky was a bit more understandable. But what are you guys doing making contest missions, when you should be working on the Black Parade?!

    Psych0sis, you have certainly increased your level with each entry, and to do it in 10 days is just crazy. And after listening to this podcast and the one from the T2 contest, you certainly are a good liar. (Is that a good quality?)

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    Congrats to all contestants!

    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    I am shocked to see DrK did the Cinder Notes. I did not see that coming at all! Skacky was a bit more understandable. But what are you guys doing making contest missions, when you should be working on the Black Parade?!
    Hehe, notice the entire crew wasn't part of the contest for a good reason!

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    These missions were also nice breathers from the behemoths of size and complexity found in the campaign.

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