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Thread: Help Wanted: Broken Goddess Team Now Recruiting!

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    I could throw in some ambient sounds, if you are still looking for some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    We could certainly use your map-making skills and will need all the voice actors we can get when the time comes. We have one map-maker on board already (not including myself but I would rather not do it for this project), but there are a lot of maps and also a lot of variety in the mission locations, so having different styles would probably work out really well.
    Hey Yandros, I am hyped to hear about a new sizable campaign in the works! Those kinds of missions are the ones I enjoy most! I don't know what this particular campaign's subject matter will be about, but if, by any chance you need a Karras impersonator, I'm your dude. I know Karras does not make a come back in most fan missions, unless it's in a "past" setting or an old gramophone is found in an attic somewhere where Karras' massage was recorded. Anyhow, check out the 2 links below to hear my Karras voice acting as reference. Also, I have a good 19 years of experience in playing this game and it's fan missions, if you need some to beta testing in certain maps, I'm willing to give you my best perception in the functionality of the mission and constructive criticism. If either of my offers are not needed, it's all good, have the best of luck in your project and I long to see it come to fruition See my Karras voice acting here-->

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    Thanks, Rick! If we have need of a Karras VA, we will reach out. There are a few possible spots where it could be needed, but those details aren't nailed down yet.

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    ok cool. . I won't be far

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