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Thread: SS2 bug - can't return to Med Sci deck

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    SS2 bug - can't return to Med Sci deck

    On my current playthrough of System Shock 2 I encountered a bug I haven't seen before.

    After reaching Deck 4, if I try to take the elevator back to the Medical Science Deck, I fall through the earth as soon as the level loads. If I take the elevator to the Engineering Deck and then climb up the ladder to Med Sci, the same thing happens (I fall through the earth as soon as the level loads).

    Has anyone else encountered this bug and is there a known fix? (I'm playing the Steam version of the game on Windows 7.)

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    ...the earth... ...the earth...
    Well, there's your problem. SS2 doesn't occur anywhere near the Earth.

    ...Sorry, I have no idea...

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    activated any mods mid-game?

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    I didn't install any mods, but I did create a user.cfg file (no_spawn, gun_degrade_rate) mid-game.

    I was also starting from a save-game (on the Med Sci deck) that I had created back in 2018.

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    using old saves can cause issues, so that may be it. I can try to fix the save if you want.

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    I appreciate the offer, but no that's not necessary.

    When I do another playthrough (in a year or so), I'll make sure to start a new game from scratch.

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    Been playing Shock 2 every few years since 1999 and never encountered this, crazy! I always have a ton of save games, sometimes multiple for the same level, I would just revert to one of those in that kind of situation.

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