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Thread: The Immersive Sim thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeshibu View Post
    What criteria is Bioshock not meeting?
    I'd say BioShock 1 boiled the player choices down to which weapon would you like to use - not unlike other shooters where you can choose between the assault rifle or the shotgun, with BioShock 1 it was this ability or that ability. Some times you can combine 2 abilities. It's still somewhat I-Sim-esque because you didn't need to kill everything that moved.

    BioShock 2 had 2 guns akimbo, which was an improvement on 1 and moved the series back toward I-Sim a slight bit. The levels were better too. But somehow that was more panned by critics and players.

    BioShock Infinite abandoned any pretense of trying to be an I-Sim. There were no story choices or player choices - it's kill all or no progression.

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    Looks like this will involve none of the original developers and have different gameplay from any previous Bioshocks, so... yeah, just cashing in on the name since Ken is done with the series.

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    Smells like another one of those live service games.

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    Sounds like it's going to be part open world, part shooter, part RPG. Maybe something like Outer Worlds or CP2077.

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    Neb shared this video in the hype thread:

    And Subnautica is unquestionably an immersive sim, by virtue of wordplay.

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    Added Ctrl Alt Ego.

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