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Thread: Looking for the name of a fan mission? Ask here!

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    I'm trying to remember an FM. This shouldn't be hard, it's the one where you frob a victrola and it plays the Bossanova and everyone starts dancing.

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    Looking for an FM

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a fan mission I remember seeing a LP of on FenPhoenix's youtube channel a few years ago. The only thing I remember are large outdoor areas with thick grey fog, and AI with custom motions (I remember Fen commenting this)... Does this ring a bell?

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    Feels like Behind Closed Doors by Nick Dablin

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    Could it be D.C.E. by Yandros?
    You'll be absolutely thrilled to the core to learn that we now have a dedicated thread for FM hunting here. This is part of the Thief Fan Mission Forum Mega-Sticky.

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    Mirror of return? That has massive and foggy outdoor areas, and I think some custom animations. Though I recall the fog being more blue than grey.

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    I knew this thread would not last although it's still visible on page #1. The admins could move these posts into it...

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    Don't worry, I took care of it.

    In fact, we're going to stick this thread for a while and see if it makes any difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trefoilknot View Post
    I think that might be it! Thanks! (And very impressive you could get it from such a weak- and in some ways, wrong- description!)
    I waa going to suggest Melian's Method too. Tudor was the only clue needed, and as it was s good mission the architecture was too modern for my tastes.

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    I'm looking for a mission where you start out by clearing out a village so the hammerites can move in and "occupy" it?

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    Sounds like "Heretics and Pagans", the follow-up to "Broken Hammers". Garrett and some other survivors of the former mission want to return to the City, but between them and their target are Pagans, who are enemies of Garrett's allies. Garrett's job is to weaken the Pagans so that he and his allies, some Hammerites among them, can return to the City.

    Contrary to what one would expect, the main opponent of Garrett are not the Pagans, but a large amount of powerful undead ready to do battle. After freeing a part of the village, Garrett has to go underground and travel through some caves before he can later on reach an area high up in the mountains with a bridge over a deep valley, and a city gate at the end.

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    YES!!! Thank you!!!

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    Musket balls instead of arrows

    What was the name of that 1 FM, where the bow & arrow was replaced by a musket ball? I think it was snowing in that one too. Come to think of it, I never finished it, cuz of that guns' aim. Maybe I would be better at it today...hmmm

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    The only mission I remember where the player's weapons included some kind of firearm was "Resurgence: The Ancient Crown". It was mainly a detective story, and one did not play as Garrett. It had a very limited number of shots in the gun. The gun was not a musket, though, but rather a revolver or other small handgun.

    Muskets were used in one of the mission of the "T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age" campaign. However, they were not used by Zaya, the player character in this campaign, but by guards in a hotel. They feel rather strong as long as they have a loaded musket - but once they fire their only shot, they are defenseless and very cowardish, running for help or cover immediately after firing at the player.

    There were some other missions where one got some kind of magic staff or similar weapon which shoots fireballs or similar magic projectiles, e.g., Ricebug's "Heretic", a partial recreation of the 90's FPS game of the same name. Those weapons usually don't feel like a musket or primitive firearm, however.

    Take your pick, then.

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    There is also the First Person Shooter demo for T1 by Nameless Voice, but I doubt that is what Acolyte6 is thinking of.

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