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Thread: Cruelty Squad

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    Cruelty Squad

    The first time I saw Cruelty Squad and saw the overwhelmingly positive reception it was getting I had the same reaction as the first time I heard the music of Death Grips. "No one actually LIKES this stuff, right? People are just pretending to in order to show off how COOL and ALTERNATIVE they are, RIGHT?" Of course, now I love Death Grips, and if that makes me cool and alternative then SO BE IT.

    So anyway, I picked up Cruelty Squad on Steam. First impressions were not great. Looked like shit, played like shit. I kept dying over and over on the first level and getting saddled with hefty revive-bills. Once I was 10000$ or so in debt the agency said "dont worry about it" and cleared my debt in exchange for getting to use my body in a science experiment. From now on reviving is free AND I can eat corpses to recover health. WIN-WIN really. So I played on, the second level is a lot more open than the first, and by level 3 or 4 I discovered that stealth is actually a viable option, and on the next level I found some really neat hidden paths through a huge office building. This game doesn't really explain itself at all, it just lets you discover its weird quirks as you play, and the whole thing unfolds in surprising ways as you play. 90 minutes in I'm kinda starting to see what all the fuss is about.

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    At first glance this looks just random spastic, but if the style is intentional and not overwhelming I think I could get behind this. And yeah, a lot of people seem to think this is really good.

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