T2 FM: Patriot (Text walkthrough)

Version: 0.0.1
Up to date version: https://github.com/ANGulchenko/walkt...in/Patriot.txt
License: GPLv3

While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.


This FM compaign is rather unique. It differs from most other compaigns
you may have played before. It is rather strange mix of very good and
infuriatingly bad practices. Good things are technical: maps are nice, diverse
and well optimized, many non-standard objects and many non-standard activities.
But the gameplayish things will punish you for the audacity of playing it. You
will be held in almost constant state of "What to do and where to go?". Game
won't help you with that. Many deeds will lead to absolutely inobvious results.
So keep this walkthrough near. You'll need it more times than you'll dare to admit.

This walkthrough is made for the lowest difficulty. In this compaign the lowest
mode won't block you from seeing all the content but save you from much
pixelhunting and running back-forth on these huge maps.

Have a nice play!

=== MARAUDER ===

Grossmeister: move all chess figures except C-vertical (3rd from the right) --
that'll open the compartment with a prize cup.

Gardener (flower seller near church) has a small switch on the window frame in
the room with a bed.In the secret you'll find the "Brother's key"

Mechnists and guards fighting in front of the church are killable but they
won't kill themselves.

Pay attention to the building in front of the st.Crash Church (there is a passage
beneath the wooden trestlewith rotten barrels). This passage will lead you to
the cellar and there you'll find a secret switch beneath a stone stairs that'll
open the passage to the upper floor of the building. Spy's money are under the
cupboard and very easy to miss.

The ruins of dr.Elves house has a "pile of letters" on the attic (you can't get
there but the letters are frobbable through a hole in the roof)

I was able to get to the warehouse attic through the church roof.

"Brother's key" open the weapon shop. You'll find "explosive charge" there in
the cellar.

Captain's key (cpt.Pam) is in the boat in front of his house. "Pile of letters"
contain the safe combination: 0202. The painting in the captain's office opens
with a ship steer-wheel in the staircase.

"Thrunite" catapult? Use "explosive charge."

You'll geta chance to get to K.Schmidt's flat much later. Yiou'll be able to
jump to his window from the roof garden.

Thre is a secret place in NE end of map: an opened window in a narrow and dark
alley looking on water. Between 3-floor tower and wooden shed.

Mission stops abruptly when you get needed amount of loot.

=== PRISONER ===

Take a broom -- get a wire!
Use a wire with a lamp in the corridor.
Try to steal a key from a guard.

Optional goal: put a electrocuted guard on the bed and use a bedroll on him.

Your inventory is downstairs. To get a key to "prisoner's property" jump
in the water first.

Repairer's key is in the "South Pump Station" (in the same corridor where you
got "Prisoner's property key")

There is an oilcan in the Repair Shop (level 3)

There is a secret lever in the Warden's office -- under his desk.

Oilcan is for a grate-entrance to the North Tower.

The "North Pump Station Key" is on guard's belt on the top floor of the North
Tower. The Pump Station is below the lowest floor. Get a "Jailrock Flow Map"
there, pull a lever and return to the "South Pump Station" (there is a "shortcut"
through water pipes, not far away from North Tower)/ You'll find the "BMI key"


=== SPY ===

There is a damaged part in the fence around the main building. On the wall, near
the main entrance (in the shadows of columns) there are 2 switches: they turn on
"gabarite" lights near the drainage grates on the main road. Well, use those

In a wooden shed in the yard near the small "market" there are 3 levers. They
open those drainage grates. Well, use those levers.

To high to jump into the sewers? Use an umbrella Poppins-style. (Russian word
for umbrella is "zontik")

Turn some cog-like valve in the farthest dead-end and an obvious valve to make
a flood in the sewers.

To the east from Congress Hall there is a room with metal floor and a toilet
behind the curtain. There are 3 switchs in that room. They control light in the
Congress Hall. You can find a "Mechanist's map" on the wall in the Hall.

Very important lever is situated behind the statue at the top level of the Tower.
Look up and see a big angel statue. It isn't stable and can fall on the mechanist's
head if you shoot the rivet at the end of supportive cable.

Map for "5 lamps levers" is in the Cappelan's office which is situated on the
Upper Floor of the Living Quaters, near Guard Post.

"Learn more about the mysterious Capellan" objective was completed by reading
completely irrelevant letter in Air Mail department (inbox section)

The "Red Rays" can be switched off by a big switch on the first floor of the tower.
To get there you should push push the button the balcony.

"Interrogation Records" are in the Vault. You need them for the "Where the
Mechanists are hiding their captives" objective.

Code to the safe in the Vault is 16/22

Opening the safe will open Air Mail Department where you'll find a pulley
(without a rubber chicken, alas)

Now go to the roof through nearby passage and use the pulley on the power cord.

=== PARTNER ===


There is a "key" at the blockage at the staircase in the mine -- in the hand
of the corpse. At the other side of the blockage you'll find "Tunnel Destroying

The ammunition store is at the lowest level of the mine, there are two charges
there. Don't miss the secret button under the table with a corpse of cptn.Derrick.
There are fire arrows there. You'll need them to detonate the charges so don't
use them elsewhere.

How to get to the top of the tunnel to set the charges? There is an evecuation
tunnel at the top level of the mines, near offices.


Minefield? I just jumped out of the window in the tower right to the left from
the minefield.

The guard near a huge gate can be distracted from his post with the lever at
the right side of that gate.

Take the key from the guard's belt near a big metal grating with door leading to
rails and railway carriages.

Go upstairs and switch off all 3 switches on the second level of the tower with
lift. That'll switch off the light near the carriages and let you get into carriage

After you get into carriage you should switch to Garrett and then switch back.

There are 5 gas mines in the carriage (the far side, behind the explosive barrels)

Pay attention on the bedroll that is laying in the carriage.

On the right side of the train boiler there is a toolbox with screwdriver. You
can use it as a lockpick to get into the train cabin.

Take a wrench from from a windowsill and use it on the brakes -- those are very
near to the wheels. Outside. You should descend flang ladder very low to have
access to those brakes.

Jump from the train while holding the bedroll in your hands.

=== SABOTEUR ===

Put your charges into "Forbidden Items" schaft.

There is an "Empty shell" near "Sorting" zone. Outside. Near 3 large vertical
tanks. In the dumpster.

"Raw material storage" has "Pile of cannonballs"

To get to the "fuel storage" you should go through "generators" room. Use catwalks.

To get to the "assembling" you cag use conveiour in a small room which has an
outdoor exit to 3 vertical tanks.

"Office key" is in the offices on the second floor of "Assembling". You can jump
there from the third floor.

"Access card" (it is for the experimental department) and one of the explosive
charges are in the director's offise in "directorate" zone.

One more explosive charge is in the laboratory. In the safe.

You can jump off the outside bridge between "Foundry" and "Designers" for a small
secret (a chest with gas arrow)

There is asecret lever at the green barrels near a lock for the "access card" in
the laboratory.

The ladder in the laboratory oven will help you to get to the "Parts storage".
There is a "detonator" there.

To get to the "power storage" you can use an automatic presses in the "Stamping"
zone. Use them as lift to get to the catwalk. You'll find an "empty can" there.

Use the "Empty can" with Manual Shell Calibration Device in the Armory. Put
cannonballs inside. And detonator. You'll get "Full can with Dangling Detonator".
Put it under the press in "Stamping" zone.

Take "wrench №5" in Armory near Assembly Line.

There is an exit outside in that Armory: through the ventilation system.

Now go to the ex-cotton-store. Thre you'll find a huge undestructable robot.
Crawl to its rear and open the hatch with "wrench №5" and remove "Impulse source"
from there. Connect "impulse source" to electrical socket for power fuse (removing
fuse will turn off the light but the robot has its own floodlight so that won't
help much) in the machinery in the circle corridor. The idea is to lure the robot
near the "source" but that robot is dumb as... very dumb. I just ascended to the
outside (through long ladder in the vantilation) and when I returned -- the robot
was already destroyed. I suppose it may switch to the patrolling mode or I am
just lucky. Take a "robot shell". You can turn it to the "explosive shell" with
a round saw in the warkshop where you've found the "wrench №5".

In the Armory (near "Raw material storage") pay attention to the powder pile
near the red explosive barrels. You may need to move those barrels to get to
the powder. Use empty shell on it to get an "explosive charge."

Set all charges. You have a map.

The exit to the detonator is in the armory near the huge robot automatic
assemble line.Through the ventialtion. The switch is hidden in the shed behind
wooden crates.


One of the trees which are growing by the perimeter has a frobbable branch
that'll open the secret door in the tree. Obvious, isn't it?

Jump to the river and you'll be able to get to the "clearing" zone. There is
a rope arrow in a crate behing the building.

In the bushes, in the northern part of the "Valley" zone there is a tunnel to
the "Shore" zone.

Right part of the "Shore" zone has a passage in to bushes to the "Dam" zone.

In the southern bush-wall of "Quick Sands/Dam" zone there is a tunnel to the
"Dark Forest" zone.

If you'll follow the footsteps over the quicksand and the right beach (one
without the chest) and come very close to the dam, you'll find the "Major's

Also, there is a "Tree Branch" on that beach. Yeas, it is there. Find it. (In
the farthest part of the "epaulette" beach, near the ground-sand shoreline)

At the deadend of the stream there is a water arrow (it's hidden in the huge
boulders). You'll need it later. Don't use it.

Now go to the clearing and the door to the hut would be opened. Crazy inhabitant
will give you a "Lupine Seed"

Go to the "Forest" zone. The first location of thi map. You can do it with the
same way as you came from "Forest" to "Valley". Use "Tree Branch" as a key.

Climb the hollow stump of the huge fallen tree (rope arrow will help you), plant
"Lupine seed" into the dirt pile and water it with a water arrow. Take it. How?
Use your sword.Walk around the forest a little and you'll find a tree with a
bright green sign on the tree, go in there. 2 arrows under the stairs. Hold the
Lupine plant in your hands. You still need it!

After taking shaman's head, search her room for a branch-switch: it'll open a
small secret.

After you'll return with shaman's head to the crazy pagan, he will show you
the way through sands.

=== HERETIC ===

"Archive key" is in the "Abbey court" zone. On the table. Thre is a book with
bell signals in the archive: near the top of the ladder.

The "chimney sweep's key" can be found in scriptorium.

To get to the Guest Hall I jumped out from kitchen window. But the correct way
to get there is through the ladder at the top of spiral stairs near "scriptorium".
Thre is a door locked with "chimney sweep's key"

A "piece of chalk" can be found in "hospice" zone (blackboard)

The "fuse" is in the baths region (after artillery balcony). The key to that door
has some monk in the Guest Hall. At this moment some other monk will ask you to
show a secret passageout of the monastery. Just mark a place you came in with
a chalk.

The dialog which you may hear in Pillar Crypt will check off the first objective:
"Find out where the major is being kept"

"Cathedral key" is in the Abbot's Quarters. Also there is a secret switch in the
hearth whicj reveals a "The order of bricklayers" book. And "Abbot's key" is at
the bottom level of spiral stairs (not just at the Abbot's quarters but near. It
isn't hidden -- just hangs at the wall)

The "closet key" is in the cathedral. Hanging on the wall near the door to
"Open Gallery" zone.

"West Wing Key" is in the "Underground Church" zone. In a "window" that leads not
to the outside but... inner window.

In the "Hoist" behind some baskets you'll find a slow-fall potion.

In the "closet" there is a red powder keg (Only one of them is pickable!) Move
it to the cellar with brendy barrels and detonate it with a fire arrow.

Now go the the bells and keyboard. Try to lure the guard from his post guarding
Major by playing "additional prayer" signal. You already have a spare "fuse" to
repair the machinery.

And run to "Aquilon" where guard is supposed to do his extra prayers. He has keys.

Move the Major to the "Pillar Crypt". Put a few bodies on the bright pressable
tiles: that'll open the secrt door with exit.


The table in your room is a clue

On the attic of the house with blimming light (near police station, C-shaped)
there is a rope arrow. You can get to the police department from there. Just jump.

In the police station there is a tiny room right under thw watching tower with
a telescope at the top. The floor in that room has loose plank. Open it and listen.
It is a clue.

On the first floor of the police department you'll find a "police permission" and
a "police station key"

Show "police permission"to the guard to get insede the "Obedient zombie". Talk to
the bartender.

Talk to the guards near a huge gates.

Return to the police station. The metal door to the cells will be opened now. Read
the journal and take a "Signal Whistle". Go to the second floor of the "Zombie"
to the room with a cheese on the floor and use the whistle. You'' get a bag of
"fake money". Trade it for the key. Use that key to the door in "Zombie's" cellar.
It is the way to the canal.

You can enter the southern house in the st.Remy zone, move with a help of clothing
line to the balcony with closed door. The key to that doot in a clothes piece
right on that clothes-line. Listen to the conversation on the lowest floor. It
is a clue.

See a brick wall in the northest part of th st.Remy zone? It is climable. Listen
to an opened window near the grate blocked by barrels. It is a clue.

Listen to the window between houses and southern wall of cathedral. It is a clue.

See a bushes in front of the baker's house? With a guard? You can go through
those bushes.

In the house of S.Low there is a candy wrap on the floor of the right room. It
is a clue. (You can blackjack the S.Low himself. That'll normalize the time in
the building). Go to the attic of S.Low's house, jump into the attic of another
house (aim on 2 planks) and search for unfixed plank on the floor. There are 3
letters there. It is a clue.

Behind the S.Low's house you'll find the a doll. It is a clue.

Now got to the church. Side entrance shoud be opened at already. Follow the priest.
This will lead you to the ruined chapel. Take the dagger and follow the footsteps.

Pay attention to the Keeper door behind that ruined church.

After dealing with a killer you should return to Keepers.

=== ENEMY ===

There is a "fuel can" in a room behind the room with turbines in the cellar. The
door is hidden behind those turbines and easy to miss.

In the scribe's room in servants quarter (the one with a sleeping guy and a letter
about a key) you'll find a "scribe's key" stuck in the cupboard.

Take a "Secret Passages and Dungeons" in the library, in the room openable with
"scribe's key"

In the theatre go to the prompter booth and watch what will happen. Take "Pump
room key"

Watch the Baron's arrival in the Hall.

Visit a Pump room and read 2 letters.

Visit a Control Room (near the pool) and take an order for a bottle of wine. take
a bottle nearby and fill it with stagnant water from the pool (just drop it in)
then put the filled bottle near the door (put it that way to be easy picked up
from the room without fully opening the door). That'll grant you access to the
Control Room. Turn on disinfection in the pool and get 4196 code on the glass in
the pump room.

The door to the room with butterfly wallpaper can be opened by force.

In an engine room on the second floor (adjacent to Great Hall, metal walls,
ladder) climb up the ladder and listen to the dialogue between Baron and Count.

Now you have an access to the "tower" zone. The Count is dead, huh? Climb up
the shaft and find a semi-office with a map and table with blue lamp. Read the
letter. In a adjacent semi-office you'll find the "Appendix B" that ticks off
the "tunnel entrance" objective.

In a library there si a tiny switch on a square bookshelf opposite the scribe's
office. It open secret passage to the attic.

Go to the "Chief of Palace Guard" in the "Barracks" zone. Now his door is open.

You can get to the second floor of the tower through a big lift shaft (to enter
the shaft you should climb to the very top of it. Where the dead mechanist is)

Climb out the opened window (yes, it is possible not to fall down. Just be
patient and careful) Watch the lockdown cutscene.

Return to the Guard Chief office and enter the code (one from the pool -- 4196)
Watch the cutscene.

In an Art Wing there is a blinking chandelir. Frob it few times and the light
will go aout. And the signalling system near Phoenix too.

Near the place where the Count did explode you can now exit the building.

Now return to the place where you did statr the mission. Dive into the bushes
and find a broken section of the fence. Enter the building and fuel the generator
in the cellar. The ignition button isn't on the top but near the bottom of the
fuel tank.
In the room near bathroom (with a decorative box on th table) pay attention on
the secret door near the painting. It opens with a switch near left-down part
of that door. Switch isn't hidden but easy to miss. There you'll find a "Key
to the Citadel"

=== PATRIOT ===

Don't wait until the train will arrive: enemy is waiting you there, so jump off
earlier. Before a last "station" there are 3 lockers: right one has a light switch
affecting light at the end of the railroad.

Wander in the maze until you'll find a scroll with numbers. Pay attention that
some numbers are mirrored. The logic is: read the number and go further, making
turns on every crossroad. You should make as many turns as the number says. If
the number is written correctly -- do right turns, if mirrored -- left turns.
After end of every queue of turning you should stand in from of the next number
on the wall.

In the "Chasm Hall" pay attention on the middle column adjacent to entrance arcs.
One side of this column contains a slightly visible secret door and the other
side -- a switch to open that door.

The cord over Chasm? The idea is looking straight into the daemon's eyes while
moving. And that is not easy. Almost impossible, actually. Also, you can shift
yourself to the side of the cord so fireball will fly over your head, but FM
author prevent it by creating an invisible rupture in the cord somewhere in the
middle of the path. Some people claim that it is possible to jump over it but I
never was able to do that. Actually, the only way I was able to cross that
taffing cord -- get a savegame from someone on TTLG forums. So, good luck!

Go to the end of huge spiral "stairs" untic the lava chasm. Now return a few
steps back and jump into the crack between steps. There is a door there. Don't
forget to use "Signal device" after you get to the "Citadel Hall"

Those guards near doom1-2-style door are gas-arrow-knockable and the lock is
lockpick pickable.

"Key to Elevator" can be found in "Digital Archive Beta" zone. Ride that elevator
and turn on the transmitter at the top of the tower.

Return to the micromuseus with a Karras astatue and take his helmet.

To get to the library you should ascent to the roof (where the emitter tower is)
and search for a window. Smash it and jump in. take (and read) a "Code Book"
there. So, as code book says, go to "Security" and get a 4 digit code. 1919 it
was in my case.

Return to the library and the lower level there are big doors to a huge room
with 2 boss-robots (like the one in the cotton-warehouse). They will ignore you
if you Karras helmet on. So put it on, got to lift and enter the code. In my case
the robots became agressive as soon as you take off the helmet to enter the code.
And they can damage you even through closed doors. So be fast.

The camera in "High Security Area" can be switched off from a ventialtion -- just
shoot an arrow in the button while traverse through vent near HSA. Take a
screwdriver there.

You can use that screwdriver on one of the grates in the vent (hold it like a
locpick). You'll find yourself in the "Main Console". Pull a big lever there.

Move to Capella: use vent again and jump through the grate under your feet.

Take "Capella map" from "Designers office"

There is a "bronze gear" in the Capellan's office. use it to open the water