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Thread: Thief 2 FM(campaign): Bathory v3.0 (Text walkthrough)

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    Thief 2 FM(campaign): Bathory v3.0 (Text walkthrough)

    Thief 2 FM(campaign): Bathory v3.0 (Text walkthrough)

    Version: 0.0.1
    Up-to-date version:
    License: GPLv3

    While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
    person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
    and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.


    There isn't pixelhunting or crazy puzzles in this campaign but that doesn't
    mean that levels are trivial and bland. This campaign gives you much place for
    exploring but not forcing you to. It is totally up to you. No crazy loot
    requirements, all things are in the logical places, and even forced ghosting
    won't be longer than just a few minutes. Amazing architecture. Good story too.
    Actually, one of those rare mission sets which I can say nothing against of.

    === PROLOGUE (GELLERT) ===

    To get into the city you should jump into the moat and search a tunnel under
    the wall (it is on the left side if you're facing the main gate). Rope arraws
    are in the gatekeepers place. Also there is a lever to open the gate. Near the
    "well" in the gatekeeper's post there is a small window, you can shoota rope
    arrow through it to climb back out of the moat and enter the city through the
    main gate.

    To get into the Thurzo Memorial House you can temporarily switch off the street
    electric light -- you'll have around of 30 seconds until the light will turn on
    back automatically. There is a mace on the wall of the second floor. Usable
    substitute for a sword.

    There is a sewer entrance behind the "Black Bey Inn". From there you can get to
    the power station.

    Pay attention on the key in the gandermerie captain's office: you need a copy
    of it. Wax for that is in the ajacent office.

    To get to the locksmith I just jumped over the fence: I'm not sure if it is
    intended way to get in.Anyway, don't forget to take a crowbar-pry (you can use
    it to get to the power station through window) and make a metal copy of the
    key from gandarmerie. From the locksmith's yard you can get to the roof level
    and get inside the Inn -- jump on the balcony with dismantled handrails.

    Go to researcher's room in the Inn and take a key for Thurzo Memorial House/
    You'll found "Mansion Entrance Key" there.

    Mansion entrance is in the alley behind the Inn. The gate open wih a steering
    wheel in a small room right above that gate.

    In a church-style building take a boulder out of the chimney and put it on the
    pedestal. Take "The Seal" from the nearby portrait.

    Use "The Seal" at the foundation of the statue in front of that church-style
    building. Eventually you'll find yourself in some kind of pool-bath huge room
    with blue-flamed torches. Move further. Use seal again to get into expesively
    decorated room. Light the candles and use the sparkling book.


    Take a lockpick and escape the cell through the hatch in the ceiling. Take
    "Guards Keys" from the table of the guard guarding the door to your cell. These
    keys open the captain's office where "Captain's key" can be found.

    Walking stick (blackjack substitute) is in the barracks.

    Take the "Lady Agna's necklace" in one of the guest rooms.

    "Notary's room key" is in the library. The Indictment is in that room.

    Read a note about goulash in the kitchen, take a "Jug with water" and pour it
    into the wine barrel in the same room. Also find a dead rat in the adjacent
    toilet and put it into the goulash.

    Rat poison is in the closet style room in a technical zone of the castle: inside
    walls are made of red brick without any plaster or decorations.

    In your "private suite" you'll find the key, painting, and -- in the wall safe --
    the seal. Wine goblet (for the rat poison) is near the fireplace.

    Put a "Agna's necklace" into the Rozy's box.


    There is an open sewer hatch near the canal.

    The key to the locked cupboard in the "magician's office" is on top of the other

    The crowbar is in the weapons shop besement. Dont miss the "lock wheel" there too.

    The "notary memorandum" is in the locked cupboard in the library cellar. The key
    to it in the bookcase right behind the table in the above ground floor of library.

    Look under the rug in the Anna's house. Oh, don't miss the ring on the roof beam.
    And don't ignore the "crumpled letter" -- use a bridge with lantern as a starting

    There is a decorative mask in the "private rooms". Use it to open the secret
    with "Bag of treasure from Sarvar"

    Throw out the "Bag of treasure from Sarvar" through the small window in the tower
    with a huge bell.

    The Katalin is on the top floor of the church. Near her -- in a flower pot -- there
    is a "Symbol key of Cachtice". Take it and use to retrieve the "key to the Crypt".

    The outer crypt door is openable with "Your private keys" and then it'll free the
    access to lock for "key to the crypt"

    Now go to the crypt. The statue's face mask is usable. Touch it. And search for
    a scroll in the small stairs in front of the statue.

    Time for a bath.


    The rolling pin (blackjack substitute) is in small barracks adjacent to your cell.
    And the crossbow is in a short tower right in front of the prison exit.

    See a tower with a small metal hetch near it (not far from the prison)? This
    hatch can be opened with "chimney key" and that key is on the top of this tower.
    This hatch will lead you to lockpicks and a sword.

    "Elevator room key" is in some garage-type room (in the opposite to the stables)
    near the steward's room. Pay attention to the hole in the wall on the floor level
    through which you can see a bottle, a lantern, and a drunck guard. That guard
    also has a written explanation about "9 chests" situation. To get that scroll
    you should get to the guard. You can't read the scroll through the hole.

    Steward has a letter explaining where the seal is: the storeroom below the bridge,
    which is accessible only from the stable vent corridor. Also stewart has a "Stable
    vent key". So just go to the stables and take the seal.

    Find a corridor deen in the underground (it has a room with a dewdrop, so it is
    easy to identificate) and search for a lock for a "seal" there/ It is near a lever
    to open a metal grate. Pay attention on the statue and inscription.

    Descend the elevator shaft and pick the door hidden behind the big crates. Use
    the seal (a note on the wall explains the situation -- traps). Light up the
    candles. Eventually that'll teleport you to the cemetery.

    "Crypt key" is in the caretaker's shed.

    The key to the sarcophagus itself is in the cellar. In a hand of the statue.

    When you'll come back from the cemetery you'll see another teleport. To Mehada
    settlement. Can't get into the castle? Return to the village: some doors will
    become openable after reading a note about thieves escort.

    The key to the room on the second floor of the facility with "salary on monday"
    note is under the carpet. "Safe key" is in the jar (impossible to miss, but this
    is a walkthrough). The stable size is mentioned in the note in the nearby building
    (where you can hear cattle noices): 74.

    === PAGAN FEAR (KATALIN) ===

    Secret switch in the Uzonka's room is on the left nightstand.

    "Crank key" is in the offices. Cptn.Bojta. In the cupboard.

    Use the "Crank key" at the locked gate in the water ("sewer" on the map). That'll
    get you to the Ottoman camp.

    The "real" octagon is in the pasha's tent: a big red one. Behind the shield,
    above the bed.

    In an ottoman camp, near the kitchen-like tent and a civilian near the fire, there
    is a wooden hatch under the pile of stones. That is how you get to the mines.

    Broken bridge-style system? Remove pickaxes and descend to the very bottom. Pay
    attention on the ceiling in the spider caves -- there is shaft there which is
    good enough for a rope arrow.

    Luca's Octagon is behind the cross above her bed. 2 gold chests are even higher
    under the roof.

    See a big chasm with a bridge and a spider somewhere below? Go there and take a
    pickaxe from the chest. You can use it to open the huge door to get to the mine

    One more gold chest is under the table in the room with a treebeast mask. Tardos
    room. His octagon is in the secret which is openable with a switch in the bookcase.

    Next octagon is in the lava pit (cremetorium). It is safe to descent there with
    a help of a rope arrow.

    Remeber a big room with 4 sockets? Put the octogons there and then kill Anada.
    She is killable in a conventional (but long) way. Holy water will help for her
    "second stage".

    Eye? Hit it with a sword.

    Well, as a objective says: take Darvulya's octothing and toss it to lava.

    Now get out of there.

    === FALLEN (ELIZABETH) ===

    Gardener's key is under the fountain, near the pool (2 civilians there). It opens
    the metal door under the stairs. Don't mistt the "crank key" there.

    There are 2 arrow ropes in the armory.

    "Astronomer" watches at some "morningstar". Use his telescope and watch it too.

    "Servan't keys" are on the second floor in one the square corner towers.

    In the middle off the crossroad on the second floor there is a room with berths
    and a big hearch. Behind that hearth there is a door openable with "servant's
    keys". It leads to the attic with hatches (use "crank key" to open them) that
    lead to closed apartments. Read a letter at Thurzo's apartment. Fill a flask
    for Drakula at cptn.Hazugh's apartment. And read a letter from Ponikeus to Hazugh.

    See an old hut near the lake behind the windmill? You can get it through the roof.

    Take a pry-crowbar at the top of the windmill (inside). The chest with gold in
    that very room: search for a grate at the side of the machinery. The second sack
    can be found on the lowest level near the 2-wheel carts in the box with some ropes.

    Remember boxes with flour and oats (in the main castle, not hidden)? You can use
    them to deliver gold to pastor Peter.

    Now go to the "morningstar" and kill Ponikeus.

    If you haven't figured out yet -- you can destroy holy water bottles with arrows
    or "fire spells".

    Katalin is behind the bluish thing? Shoot the source with the "fire spell".
    Chain? Sword! Leave Katalin in the crypt, in the room where you did pick up your

    In the "official cases" office (near the conference hall) you'll find "your
    original Testament". Take a quill nearby and rite a new one. Use old Testament
    on a new one, get "your modified Testament" and put it back into the cupboard.

    === EPILOGUE (GELLERT) ===

    Go to Thurzo house. Take a "wine cellar key" from a jar (1st floor, right)

    Find a pair of loose bricks in the floor (the farthest cell for barrels). The
    gold is under them.

    Well, go home.

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    You should post a link to this thread in the Bathory v3.0 thread so people can find it easily when they need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    You should
    Google will help but the idea is good. Will do.

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    Very helpful. Thank you!

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    i think it would be cool to see a text choose your own adventure with thief universe

    just need to find a writer who loved the choose your own adventure books from 70's/80's

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    Having played this campaign for the first time recently (a couple of months ago) I think this is great as the levels are large and if you happen to miss some small frobbable thing it can get confusing, and have you running around for hours. I had to resort to the forums for help and go through the many pages of comments to find what I needed on a few occasions, so a small guide like this that is basically a compilation of the hints of commonly missed things in the mission seems a good idea. Looks like you touched on some of the stuff I remember struggling with, like finding the gold chests in Pagan Fear and the frobbable rug in the witch's hut in All Soul's Day. If anyone hasn't played Dracula Reloaded and the Bathory campaigns please do yourself a favor and do it NOW, they are among my most memorable of all FM experiences!

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