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Thread: Weird RAM issues

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    Weird RAM issues

    As of late I've been randomly getting warnings that my pc ran out of memory (I have 16 GB). I discovered that the culprit appeared to be Chrome, which is a memory hog - the couple times this happened I had a ton of tabs open.

    The thing is, when I close Chrome and kill any background processes in Task manager, my usage doesn't go down as expected. On reboot, my machine starts off using 3.9 - 4.2 GB, and when I open just one Chrome window it shoots to 7-8 GB, and will not go back under 7 GB even after I kill Chrome. Task manager isn't much help; it shows svchost as consuming the most memory, but it makes no sense, even all the processes added up don't account for those extra 3 GB of RAM that are being used up. What the hell is going on? Is there some invisible background process I should know about?

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    Under the Processes tab, be sure to click Show processes from all users. It is likely that Chrome continues to run in the background as a service, but that can be disabled.

    As for why Chrome uses ~4GB with only one tab I cannot help with that.

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    Thanks. I did a bit more digging, clicked svchost, and found out the culprit is Windows update stealthily running in the background. I disabled the service, and everything's back to normal. Not sure why Chrome was triggering it though

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