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Thread: Bomb doesn't work on Cloister gate

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    Bomb doesn't work on Cloister gate

    I am at the end of Return to the Cathedral and the bomb explodes but doesn't break the gate.
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    I did finally get through the gate. It is very finicky. The bow sight must be much lower than you would think.

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    This has happenned once or twice to me. If I remember, one time I had placed ordinary mines on top of the super mine just to make the explosion bigger. Think there is just a particular set of factors that don't happen that often, but if they do the gate won't blow open.

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    the poor Cloister gate,has been bombed so many times

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    Indeed, getting as "Bombed as a Cloister Gate" is a very popular expression with teenagers in the City! They do like that Spice.

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    It might help if the bomb isn't touching the gate. I've noticed that if the player is touching a door while trying to open it, the door will stall... even if the door swings away from the player. This might be happening with the bomb/gate as well.

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    you don't need to blow the gate to exit the level - grab some crates and go over the wall.

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