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Thread: Trouble with headphones and sounds in front of Garret

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    Trouble with headphones and sounds in front of Garret

    Hello there, can't seem to find a solution for this.

    I'm trying to play with headphones but I get a weird issue: the surround sound is fine, the sounds that happen on my "sides" are fine, but the sounds happening in front of Garret are too quiet. If I pan, let's say, towards my left as quiet sound is happening in front of me, the sound fades into my right headphone. In other words, it sounds as frontal sounds were quiet.

    Can someone lend me a hand?

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    It's probably a speaker settings issue in Windows. This can happen when you have it set for surround speakers instead of headphones. Where this setting is varies greatly between Windows versions and sound drivers. I'd start by looking around the Audio Device properties in Settings.

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