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Thread: New T2 Mission: Reverse Robbery

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    Yes, they will come back on in 9 or 10 minutes. =)

    Work fast.

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    I'm at the lawyer's, but cannot find the gear. BTW a very beautiful and difficult mission, thank you!

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    You're very welcome. Look for a switch in his book cases. And keep remembering to look UP in this mission (and in Thief in general).

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    I need some help with the black and white tiles just after passing the 6 haunts in tomb. I read another post and it mentioned a book as well as some buttons. I have not been able to find the book or buttons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaain View Post
    I need some help with the black and white tiles just after passing the 6 haunts in tomb. I read another post and it mentioned a book as well as some buttons. I have not been able to find the book or buttons.

    The book is at the laywers: "Patterns of darkness, patterns of light. Only one path safe, only one path right.
    In the beginning was void, dark without end, then came the bright sun, and life did begin.
    Mankind gathered at shining fires to feast, but outside in the night lurked the terrible beasts.
    Then came the Builder with his blazing forge, and cast out the Trickster to his shadowy gorge."

    1. if you find that you cannnot get off safely where you are standing check both sides of the column you are attached to.
    2. check the column nearby too.

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    Loved this mission, I found it hard but figuring out where all the things you need are was mostly enjoyable. I really like to "flash" Thief 2 missions if possible, as in complete them without any reloads on my first playthrough, but I don't think I would have managed to do that in a million years with this one
    For one, I didn't find the book describing the tomb traps before doing the tomb so...there was some trial and error; I figured there must be a hint for them in the form of a readable but assumed it would be in the cathedral so I only searched that area thoroughly before giving up and figuring it out without the readable. I noticed the numbers used were prime before finding the book so that was at least a nice confirmation from the hint...besides some deaths there I also had a couple of deaths falling from high places, not surprisingly, some of the jumps were a bit tricky; I also got spotted by the cameras a few times as I tried exploring the bank quite a bit before finding the key in the apartment. to shut off the cameras. I managed to complete the bank, rescue, and tomb obectives on my own but the one thing that eluded me was the fake brick hiding the key to the illegal stash...finally resorted to the forum for help after searching for too long, argh why is it always fake floors that trip me up ? Now I've managed to complete all the main objectives but I barely have over 3000 loot...I'm really surprised since I've already found over 5-6 secrets with loot and some other pretty hidden loot pieces that weren't secrets...seems like the loot objective is a bit hard to meet maybe, or I've just missed some main area with a lot of loot pieces. Oh well, I will have to try to finish the loot objective later as I don't feel like running around exploring for now after I feel like I've already searched the map pretty thoroughly...anyhow, great mission, I can't believe you managed to pack a bank job, a police station, and a cathedral all in the same mission and still have each area feel flushed out and well designed. Definitely the best mission I have played in quite a while, loved the city layout and the various acrobatics and rope arrowing this mission requires! I was pretty lucky to happen to find the gears while I honestly didn't even realize what they were for...I had found 3 of them mostly by accident and thorough exploration before realizing I would need them to enable entrance to the basement; then I figured correctly the warehouse owner would be the 4th important person to have one and managed to finally find my way into the warehouse area which had eluded me to that point...

    PS: I think this mission, modified a bit to explore more the mysterious identity of the intruders who broke in would be an amazing first mission in an interesting campaign storyline...
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    There is a way to find out who robbed the bank. I think no one has found it yet though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedPhreak View Post
    Hah, you are the first to find the fire arrow I think. Now find the gas arrow!
    I found it as well on my playthrough, I always have a habit of spam right clicking fireplaces (and bonfires in this case) in case there might be one hiding
    It also lead me to discover the hot pot on the fire that burns you a little if you pick it up, that was a really nice touch! Imagine if you had 1 health...death by hot pot! Didn't find the gas arrow though, would be handy for the helmeted guy patrolling the ground floor of the bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedPhreak View Post
    There is a way to find out who robbed the bank. I think no one has found it yet though.
    Any hints on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Stahl View Post

    I have found a game-breaking bug: do NOT use gears until you have all 4 of them. After I've found 2, I used them. All 2 other boxes with gears appeared empty.

    Well, I suppose there won't be a walkthrough from me for this mission
    I used 3 of the gears before finding the 4th and had no problem...

    Edit: Whew, finally finished the mission, took me 4:38 hours total, I must have spent over an hour and a half searching for loot to finish the loot objective tonight as I had finished the others yesterday...the loot objective is extremely hard and I can't believe there is still another 2140 loot to be found who knows where...absolutely love this mission, for some reason it feels like it would be fun to replay even though most times I rarely come back to a mission and when I do not for a long time. I loved the architecture \ layout of the mission and all the nooks and crannies you had to climb to. 4.5 / 5 stars for me and I don't give that rating out too lightly, there are only ~15ish missions on my list 4.5 stars and above. I do think the loot objective could be lowered to something like 3600 or 3750 because even with 9/17 secrets found I still just barely made it...some of the non-secret loot is quite hidden too. I think people will spend time looking for all the loot if they want to, but I don't see a reason to force everyone to hunt for it if they just want to finish the mission, maybe it's hard to appreciate in testing just how hidden some of it is when you play the mission over and over, maybe I just missed a big chunk of loot that was fairly obvious to others, who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toulomne View Post
    I used 3 of the gears before finding the 4th and had no problem...
    Because you played version 1.1 where this bug has been fixed.

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    Hi, this mission was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Enjoyed it especially the riddles - how could you create such unique ones?! and of course the lots of secrets, mostly well-hidden ones I have found only 10 out of the 17 on my own, this is a pitiful thing from me... but thanks to fortuni's precise list, i have already got 16 for now. Only 1 is missing, that damn gas arrow near dairy shop i can't simply find it. Anyone, an outright hint for that please?

    I also liked that entering some buildings or areas were not so obvious many times - or sometimes very hard - f. e. the mad doctor

    So, it was fun and challenging enough, (for me, the secrets more than enough :P though, i really love to search secrets).

    Congratulations RippedPhreak!

    Edit: thank you, never mind, i found that gas arrow... gained all the secrets thank you
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    Good, I'm very glad that you liked it.

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    Nice looking mission so far!

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    Enormously impressive mission.

    I was struck by the architecture and the interiors. Some beautiful designs.

    I had to really work in this one, but the work was not frustrating (OK;I admit that I used the secrets list because I did get flustered a time or two), but rewarding.

    The sensitivity of the guards and the watchers enforced extreme care.

    17 secrets? There could have been 117 secrets and still not run out of places to hide them.
    Some were fairly easy. Others required unconventional search ideas.

    Altogether a very professional feel to it. Many thanks for providing it.

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    Thanx for this great mission. It was hard, fun and tricky to play.
    Good work!

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    Thank you for the kind words. It should seem professional since it was virtually a full-time job for a year!

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    Crypt bug (I think): I found the key and entered the crypt. I figured out how to solve the puzzle of the haunts, and the gate to the platforms area opened. I then entered that area. I proceeded to jump from the initial gate area to a platform. I couldn't figure out the puzzle--still haven't, by the way--so I jumped back to the platform area that includes the gate (now closed). I was stumped so decided to try using rope arrows.
    I loaded my bow and rope arrow and shot one into a column. Of course, the rope arrow disappeared.
    But then the odd thing happened. Apparently as a result of my selecting a "weapon" the haunts all became active and came at me. The gate opened. Suddenly I got the onscreen notice that I'd achieved the objective of robbing Saint Stefan's tomb. I was kind of relieved actually since the puzzle was making no sense to me and I could stop that nonsensical and difficult jumping.

    By the way, I later found the book at the lawyer's office about the tomb but even upon reading it I can't figure out how the platforms work. You can't jump from one white one to another. Earlier in this discussion someone mentioned buttons as the solution for the second section of the crypt area--and the platforms are definitely the second section--but there are no buttons I can see on the platforms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glwhalen View Post
    Crypt bug (I think): I found the key and entered the crypt....
    the platforms can be somewhat tricky. One platform can be raised by pressing a button on the column, another can be lowered from the ceiling by a button on another column too

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    You can't jump from one white one to another.
    Sure you can. It goes Black -> White -> White -> Black -> White -> Black. If a platform of the right color is not in range of your jump, you have to find a button to push and lower/raise a platform into the right spot.

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    I've finished all objectives on expert except the loot with about 200 short. A pretty solid mission.

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    Thanks...back on page 4, fortuni posted a list of the secrets. Your loot is probably hidden in those.

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    This is my first Thief Fan Mission playing in over 3 years and was not sure if there was any made in recent years. So glad stumbled upon this one to play. Quality and design wise was one of the best played and the time put into making can be seen, I could see this as a official level in the game.

    Was challenging at times but these forums helped. Thanks everyone that posted in the thread. I like that it was challenge getting in some of these buildings and was not straight forward. The tomb puzzles were unique and loved exploring the city and secrets. I completed all objectives except the loot which is difficult even with the secret list. I stacked boxes to climb the wall to the right side of the Warehouse looking for loot in those buildings in the background and was able to reach a out of boundary area lol. Thanks RippedPhreak for this mission!

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    Many thanks for an awesome mission,i had many hours of fun with this one!

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    Thanks, I'm glad you guys liked it. I've learned my lessons from this mission: The one hidden brick is too well hidden, and also the loot goal should have been 3500 maybe...

    Hopefully my next one will be a bit easier.

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