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Thread: 21st Anniversary of LGS Closing

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    A very hearty and sincere thank you Mike. I first played TDP in 1998 and have been hooked ever since. It was great to see these old pictures which reminded me of how cutting edge Thief was with such a lower level of technology and processing power. Pure genius.

    We are all thrilled to have you join the TTLG community. I hope you stop by now and then.

    I live in the Boston area and years ago on the way to a Red Sox game with my son (a Thief lover as well), we stopped on Cambridgepark Drive and I showed him the building where it all happened. Felt like looking at a shrine.

    Many thanks.

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    Thank you Mike Chrzanowski! It's great to see old behind-the-scenes stuff documented like this, even if the anniversary is bittersweet. Your legacy has lived on!

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    For those who may not be aware, Mike provided the voice of Thief#2 in Thieves' Guild OM, TG.
    "And I'm standing here listening to Danno tell you the password. Do you think he's gonna let me if I'm not in the Guild, or you think I'm lackwit enough not to remember it?"
    Fanboy out.

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    I really would love to study these design documents, to better understand your thoughts when making the game.

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    reeves ball sutter :P

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    Thanks for stopping by, Mike. It's always awesome to hear from you guys. <3

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    It's amazing how over 2 decades have passed already and Taffers of old and many new ones joining the hype, it's more than just a game as we know it, it's a community, the life and times of real people who share a love for this iconic phenomenon. Thank you Mike for sharing these precious moments with us.

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    late to the party but this is really goddamn cool, thanks mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG_MikeC View Post
    Hi everyone,
    This is Mike Chrzanowski and I'm a former level designer from Looking Glass Studios. I worked on Thief Gold, Thief II, and the unreleased Thief II Gold. I finished the Mage Tower level in T1G and built Shipping and Receiving, and Blackmail levels in T2. 21 years ago today was a sad day for many of us at Looking Glass as the studio had to close due to lack of funding. Throughout my time at Looking Glass I took many pictures and also the Final Days video that's been around for 10 years or so. For this year's anniversary I decided to go through all my old digital photos from 1999 and 2000 to pull out everything Looking Glass related. I have some great pics from picnics and parties. There are also a few screenshots from an unfinished T2G level. I even found my design document. Here are the links to the photos. I'll post the documents soon. Thanks for sticking by us all these years.
    Hey Mike!

    Thank you so much for sharing this stuff.

    I remember the very first time and place I played Shipping and Receiving - blew me away.

    Looking forward to seeing you around.

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    i just realized that 21st anniversary=blackjack

    [6], [4] draw or stand=hit me="ouch" [A]=blackjack

    may looking glass memory last another 31 years + 21 years = 52 card pick up

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    Wow just saw this, major nostalgia trip. Oddly enough, my son is replaying thief2 atm and is up to Shipping level, last night we were discussing how it such an iconic game level.

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    Yeah, when those horns come in heavy and then fade back out. Chills.

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    Thanks for sharing these insights!

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    Anyone knows who might have the midi keyboard which was in the studio? I mean that exact one.

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    Looks like the Roland ED PC 300. Released 2000. SS2 pic is reversed.

    Edit: It could also be a Roland PC 180/200/200 MK II. The 300/200/200 MK II/180 have very similar control configs.
    Heaven knows where that exact keyboard ended up. Eric or Terri Brosius may well know!
    Fun Fact: Fat Boy Slim still has his 180.
    Last edited by Purgator; 7th Jun 2021 at 09:08.

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    I mainly remember S&R from Old Man Murray's Crate System, which was an objective, hilarious and bad way to rate games.

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    Thanks mike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valet2 View Post
    Anyone knows who might have the midi keyboard which was in the studio? I mean that exact one.
    I asked Josh Randall about it this was his reply
    Hey Shane, I saw your post... That keyboard was just a midi controller and it belonged to Looking Glass... soooooo.... It's probably long gone! Cheers, -J

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