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Thread: I love the bloom feature in Thief

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    I love the bloom feature in Thief

    I just wanted to share how well the postprocessing (bloom) feature looks in thief. Big thanks to the programmers who made this possible. Do you like the bloom feature too? Especially, it makes the blue crystal texture glow in a sinister and radiant blue if illuminated by a light source:

    Surely, this view would have deadly consequences.

    In OMīs, lava, smoke and lamps look beautiful too. Or even illuminated pools.

    (Please note, I just experimented with textures and illumination and standard postprocessing settings - I canīt even give you my word to complete this attempt to a finished and polished fan mission. Since it is non-technical, this may be wrong to post in the dromed editors guild subforum.)

    Bloom can be enabled via uncommenting this line in the file cam_ext.cfg:

    ; enable postprocessing (bloom)
    postprocess 1

    Can you suggest me fan missions which heavily use artificial lighting in an elegant way? I would like to study these visual effects even further.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

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    Oh yes I love the bloom effect. My two favourite "presets" are the 3rd bloom preset given by the T1 HDM config tool, and the author of the NecroAge mod's own preferred settings.

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