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Thread: Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid on

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    Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid on

    A huge bundle for a good cause! $5 (or more) for 1019 items, 673 of which are games. The rest are soundtracks, assets, books, tools, etc. All proceeds go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and they're already halfway to reaching their goal!

    Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid

    I spotted a few of my old faves in here, let me recommend you some GAMES!

    Milkmaid of the Milky Way - I was just posting about this in the megathread the other week! Great lil adventure game with a compelling story and intuitive puzzles.

    Beppo's Hole In One Golf - This is a game I play through pretty much every time I open the itch app and see it. I love the golfing gameplay (it's pretty much identical to Golf Story's) and the MS-DOS aesthetic is like a warm blanket of nostalgia.

    Sandstorm - this game by itchio-superstar Daniel Linssen was the first game I ever bought on itch. It's a game where you navigate through the desert and try not to get lost in a sandstorm. No Darude soundtrack sadly.

    The Majesty of Colors - you play some kinda eldritch sea horror that just wants to check out what's happening on the surface. It's really something.

    I've also been digging through the bundle looking for diamonds on the rough. Played 16 games and found 2 I liked so much I've already finished them.

    Starboy - I'm a muthafuckin staaarboi! Hrmp... sorry, had to get it out of my system. This is a very slick 1-bit platformer with some cool new twists I hadn't seen before. Liked it a lot!

    A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build - I know RPS loves this game but I wasn't interested enough to actually buy it. Turns out it IS great! Also relatively short. 1,5h maybe? Most of the puzzles took me maybe 5-10 min but the last one was a real killer, had me stumped for half an hour. Excellent puzzle game, I've added the follow-up "Monster's Expedition" to my Steam wishlist.

    For those of you who've picked up the bundle already, I wanna hear your thoughts on the games! Those of you who haven't gotten it, do so, do a good deed, and experience the magic... of Beppo's Hole In One Golf.

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    That sucks. :( Yet I believe the organizers of the bundle took care in picking which organization to donate to. The UN, despite the skeletons in their closet, are probably the ones best equipped to help.

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    I participated in the previous big Racial Justice Itch bundle with two of our games, and when I tried to email them with some questions about it, they never replied to me even after follow ups.

    (This was not the first time when I failed to get a response from itch as a developer on their platform)

    This made me a bit weary about working with Itch or participating in their charity bundles.

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    Among the ones that weren't already in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Mini Metro and VVVVVV stand out. Also, looks like Baba is You has been submitted, so it'll probably be added later.

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    This bundle is only available for 1 more day!

    Also a pile of new games will be added soon, including:
    Baba Is You
    Tonight We Riot
    Towerfall + DLC
    Depth Of Extinction
    Clash Force

    I haven't really gotten back to digging through the games this week. I mostly just played Pixcross, by Kenney (he of the free game assets), and Cosmic Express, by the A Good Snowman is Hard to Build folks. The latter is fun and had me engaged for a while, but it's not quite as focused or good as Snowman.

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    I had been meaning to pick up Baba Is You at some point, so getting that by donating to charity? Sign me up!

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    Missed the bundle

    Thought I had lotta time.

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    Sorry to hear that! I would have missed it too without henke's reminder.

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