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Thread: Thief2X and Other Fan Missions

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    Thief2X and Other Fan Missions

    Hey everyone, I've been a Thief fan ever since I first played it back in 1999 when I was 7 years old and have come back to it recently for all of the fan missions that have come out since. I used to have Thief2X working on my older computer but I wanted to download it again for my newer one and can't get it to work. I am however still using Darkloader v4.3 so that might be the problem but when I try to launch it just makes a weird audio sound then crashes back to the desktop. I know that's not describing much but has anyone else had that problem? Also I have always liked Fan Missions that have something to do with the Hammerites or Mechanists, I've already fished out most of them from the old Cheap thief missions site but it hasn't been updated in years. Are there new ones here that anyone would suggest? Thanks for the help!

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    I would use Angeloader for a mission loader as in my opinion its the best. But definitely check them all out to find the one you like. Then check taffers for missions. T2x should run fine then. Make sure you have latest new dark and scripts too. Just check the theif mega sticky thread at the top of the forums and read the theif fan mission faq. It even has links for you. Hope this helps.

    Heres a link for taffers as I didnt see it there:
    There are a few more but I believe the faq needs to be updated.

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    I just use fmsel as a mission loader, never had an issue with it

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    For me, FMSel does work with the versions of T2X which are meant to be used with an FM loader. This does not include the old T2X v1.0 and v1.1 releases for which the player first has to run some installation program. These releases were meant for "OldDark" (Thief 2 v1.18 without NewDark) and will most likely cause trouble if installed in a T2 NewDark game installation.

    There are NewDark and FM loader compatible T2X releases by Ricebug (link:, NecroBob (link:, and Gecko AKA bentraxx (link:; click the fat "Download" button on the page). Ricebug's contains the original T2X v1.1 version with the missions fixed/updated a bit for NewDark. NecroBob's version additionally contains textures and graphics creating a darker, grittier look. Gecko's release is T2X with high-resolution textures and comes as a .7z archive instead of the usual .zip format. Gecko's version is so large that it will not run with ancient DarkLoader. The others should work with this ancient FM loader, but note that DarkLoader has been unsupported for several years by now and may cause trouble. Consider yourself warned if you want to use this FM loader.
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    If you missed the 20th anniversary contest, definitely check out The Builder's Paradise and Feast of Pilgrims. The Builder's Paradise is a mechanist themed mission and the Feast of Pilgrims is a rooftop style mission akin to Life of the Party with a Hammerite component, so I think these would to your liking and are definitely must play missions, I cannot overstress how amazing they are : )

    Here is also a link to the 20th anniversary contest thread where you can download all of the missions, most of which were somewhere between good and amazing: clicky

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    Not sure exactly how long it's been since you played Thief, but Darkloader is not used anymore. There are also patches that make the game run better on modern hardware. Check the thread below for all the details on getting your Thief install up to speed:

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    I recommend switching to Newdarkloader, it's nearly identical to Darkloader

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    I like NewDarkloader too. If you're use to the old Darkloader, it's an easy switch.

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    AngelLoader will be even closer to user-experience of DarkLoader, so it's best to start with that.

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    Thanks for all the replies thus far, I'm going to look into everything that you guys suggested.

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    Still using the original Darkloader. I don't know what happened but I now get an error message Exeption ERange Error dans Le module DarkLoader.exe, a'005BOFE Erreur de'vification d'etendue

    Have I been hacked or what . It has been working for 20 or so years now. I have tried most of the other loaders but I prefer the original Darkloader.

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    Honestly, you should switch to Newdarkloader. Darkloader's no longer supported. I used to be a Darkloader diehard myself; took me a while to switch, but Newdarkloader is nearly identical

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    I doubt you've been hacked. If the install hasn't changed, it's probably just Windows Update removing some outdated DLL file. But yes, if you're still trying to use Darkloader in 2021, you are going to have problems.

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    Thanks, I got it working and it loads missions like it used to , It always gives the message "The LG Renderer Direct Show filter was not installed, and the file LGVID.AX can't be found" but it doesn't affect loading or gameplay that I notice. I have been using it this way for years. I am curious as to what it means and am if I am missing something.

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    yes you are - common sense to switch to something that actually isn't turning your Thief install into mush.

    sorry, couldn't resist.

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