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Thread: Why is the objective sound the loudest in the two games?

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    Why is the objective sound the loudest in the two games?

    I've always felt that dialog is too soft and the 'new objective' sound is far too loud. The best example is Raoul, you have to turn up the volume to hear him clearly only to be greeted by the loud sound effect at the end.

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    I think the object ding dong is loudest when objectives change. It seems a bit quieter when it is just signifying a goal completion. After the Hermit the goals change. Maybe there is a setting somewhere to change the volume individual ding dongs play at?

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    Every single new objective plays the sound, so if you have 6 new objectives at once the sound plays 6 times at the very same time, like in the case of Song of the Caverns, hence why it destroys your ears.

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    That's why some author's use a method to delay each new objective in sequence by about 3000ms or so.

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    A short sound playing delay would also be useful in the situations where picking up a document completes an objective.

    Happens a few times in the OMs, you hear the first fraction of the ding dong before the scroll opens and cuts it off.

    Did consider requesting a delay in the fan patch threads, but then never did.

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