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Thread: Skylight in Liife of the Party

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    Skylight in Liife of the Party

    How am I supposed to break the skylight on the roof just before crossing the banner pole to the greenhouse? I tried with my sword crouched and with my blackjack crouched. Neither would touch the glass.

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    The best way to break the skylight is to stand on the edge of the roof and jump onto it.

    However, there's an even better method to get in there that wasn't available in the demo version: an open window on the north face of the building.

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    Thanks. I jumped from the wall, but that didn't work.

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    Assuming I haven't misunderstood, if you press the crouch button after you press the attack button, you can blackjack or slash objects while crouching. Or arrows (fire or broadhead) might do the trick? BTW the former strategy can be used to KO unaware frogs.

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    There is no need to break the glass - go through the room with the fireplace and exit to the ledge where you can reach the jewellers. look back at the building with the skylight - there is a lower ledge with an open window - enter that way.

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