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Thread: 500k uploads instead of the "old way" ?

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    500k uploads instead of the "old way" ?

    I really didn't know where to put this, so move it where ever it needs to go. 's forums has another way of showing pictures quickly, when one gets stuck. Is that possible @ The old way needs a website direct link, the clouds don't work that way. I remember having Geocities, before my own domain for that purpose, way back.

    Both my "dump files" for pics in both T2 & TDM don't want to be found on this pc. Very weird. Anyway, I take pics with my iphone & send it that way. I don't need PS6 no more either for that. It compresses, so I can send 5-6 pics under the 500k marker & they're not thumbnails! Crystal clear, big on the screen. Very impressive

    just a thought

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    I'm really not sure what you're asking exactly.

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    That entire post reads like the output from a Markov chain generator.

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    Yeah, i cannot decipher it either.

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    He might be asking about attachments.

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