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Thread: Lord Ashton - NewDark Revision

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    Okay found it!! There IS a 4th tower. Thank you guys for your help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha1 View Post
    No, in there are some weapons but not a rope arrow. And I remember pretty well that that rope arrow was in one of the towers.

    There are three towers in this mission right? The one for which you get the tower key and the two facing each other right where you start the mission. In none of them there are crates on the floor, only in one are 2 explosive barrels but theres no rope arrow in there. This is so weird, I never had this problem before
    From where you start in the front area, you'd go through the zigzag tunnel on the left/west side, you'll come out in a courtyard that can also be reached by the corridors inside the mansion, in that courtyard is a freestanding tower which is the one you want once you have the tower key.

    I see you just got it.. there's another freestanding tower in a courtyard to the east side through the tunnels that has something else you need.

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