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Thread: Thief 2 FM (camapign): Shining Standards (Text walkthrough)

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    Thief 2 FM (camapign): Shining Standards (Text walkthrough)

    Thief 2 FM (camapign): Shining Standards (Text walkthrough)

    Version: 0.0.1
    Up-to-date version:
    License: GPLv3

    While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
    person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
    and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.


    Bland, plain, and boring. You may ask, how the hell the mansion mission can be
    bland and boring? Imagine a circular corridor with ray-rooms. Fascinating, huh?
    Add a similar second floor to double the fun. Super-duper fun it is now.
    But still, technically the mission is good. The architecture looks ok, some places
    are actually cool (all of them are secrets though) but the gameplay is boring. Oh,
    and all locks are rather long to picklock for the sake of picklocking. The second
    mission alleviates this nuance but others are still in place.
    But we both know why you are here: you want some Thief gameplay but cool missions
    are done. So here you are...

    === Mission 1 ===

    Serpentile tork thing in the northern room in the outside wall? Arrows? Just move
    in the shadows. Have you already forgotten your study at Keepers?

    Watchman's house has a secret ó a purse behind the bed in the attic.

    Now go to the well in the NW part of the map.

    A silver nugget on the wine shelf in the cellar is the secret.

    A key for the storage room is in the weapons room in the basement.

    Boarded metal door in the basement? You can get there in a weird way through the
    poorly hidden secret wooden wall tile at the northern "Stairs to the ground floor"
    (the switch to open that tile is hidden behind the banner)

    A dark room with an obvious secret wall tile and with ridiculously long lockpicking
    time for the entrance door lock? Turn on both gaslamps to activate the secret.

    Don't miss the ring in the bathtub on the second floor.

    There are secret levers on columns near the statues on the second floor. 1 secret
    per statue.

    The "Fine wine crate" is in the backroom of the bar on the first floor ó it looks
    exactly like any other of those crates. So wave your damned sword a little.

    An obvious secret in the chapel can be opened with explosives. Before booming it out
    you should destroy that plank. It may prevent the secret from opening.

    A secret is in the fireplace in one of the guestrooms on the second floor
    (the switch is IN the fireplace)

    A secret is in the storage room, behind the huge pile of small crates.

    === Mission 2 ===

    You can use the "Cargo hatch" to get in. A rope arrow will help.

    A secret bottle in the kitchen ó look in the shadows, behind the "columns".

    Captain has a key to "Secure room". He will arrive to the ship after you read
    journal in his quarters.

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    If itís SO boring why are you writing a walkthrough for it? You always have to insult everything. Bring your negativity somewhere else. Itís not welcome here.

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    Registered: Oct 2018
    Location: Ukraine
    >not welcome here.

    But still, I'm here. Still here with my walkthroughs. Why? Because I can. Because I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.Stahl View Post
    >not welcome here.

    But still, I'm here. Still here with my walkthroughs. Why? Because I can. Because I want.
    Because youíre bored. Just learn some respect

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