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Thread: The Circle of Stone and Shadow: Campaign Outline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchic Fox View Post
    For the curious. Digi asked me to emphasize that this departs from the original vision for CoSaS.
    So, I don't completely understand what this is supposed to be. Are these are just your own personal ideas on what COSAS should have been? No other COSAS members were involved? You also mention The Return of the Obra Dinn, which only came out a few years ago. So I'm guessing these revisions were done recently?

    I also think it would be helpful to explain what all is contained in the torrent, there's a lot of stuff in there to go through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    So, I don't completely understand what this is supposed to be.
    Me letting go of an obsession. I kept tinkering with CoSaS' story years after my involvement had ceased. Anyway, the main point of this thread is the content release, whose torrent file was linked by R Soul above. The parts of CoSaS I managed to save are now free for the community to use and redistribute, provided they credit Team CoSaS.

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    Corsair posted a download link on Discord:

    I might try and get a mirror from my own account but uploading a 12GB file might take a while.

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