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Thread: A Thief's Story....Part 1

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    A Thief's Story....Part 1

    I've found this mission on one of my HD's it's a 2004 German mission by Kamon (Raphael Reichel) but I can't find any thread about it, it doesn't appear on any d/l site and checking Kamon's page looks like he never started any new posts, so not sure if this mission was ever officially released, but then how did I get it?

    I would be happy to upload a link if someone knows if this was ever meant to be released or whether it was officially withdrawn, or if one of the mods can confirm it's ok to re-release this one.

    Edit: Looks like it was withdrawn by the author, I posted about this mission in the FM loader guide thread, but where I came across that info I can't remember.
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    In the german TTLG.DE forums I just found a thread from 2005 (sorry, German language only!) where someone else mentioned this mission. Kamon later posted in that thread, saying that he removed the mission from his server because he wanted to publish parts 1, 2 and 3 together. He further stated that he was not against thief players sharing the mission in private, but that it should not be openly published.

    In 2011, Christine posted somewhere else on TTLG.DE that she had not heard from Kamon for a long time. Apparently, he has "retired", and never published the mission.

    If you still have that mission on your HD, see to it that it doesn't get lost. Christine has been part of another cancelled project in which Kamon had an important role. She made the third mission of the never published "Shadows of the Past" campaign, and after some thought published that in 2016. This mission, however, was mainly her work - "Thief's story" most likely was Kamon's. Asking him could perhaps one day lead to publishing this one, but so far, I know of no one who has made contact with Kamon since at least 2011.

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    Thanks for the info baeuchlein, if anyone wants a copy of this mission just PM me!

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