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Thread: Game Difficulty Query

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    Game Difficulty Query

    I have only played this game with the Arx Libertatis source port.

    Is it me or is this game really really hard? Is there a large difficulty difference between vanilla & Arx Libertatis?

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    I have to try it - I've never played!

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    I remember playing Arx (and finishing it) when it was released. It's a hard game, with a steep difficulty curve at the beginning. There are different ways in which to manage situations at the onset of the game, and this can have a major impact on how challenging it can become later on. I remember some abilities and skills not being so balanced. However, I also remember that once a certain level is attained, and certain key items acquired it becomes significantly easier (almost too easy) -- except perhaps for some later more scripted sequences.

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    Well, it is a type of game where you have to read one or more walkthroughs when you are stuck on another quest.

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