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Thread: Game Difficulty Query

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    Game Difficulty Query

    I have only played this game with the Arx Libertatis source port.

    Is it me or is this game really really hard? Is there a large difficulty difference between vanilla & Arx Libertatis?

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    I have to try it - I've never played!

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    I remember playing Arx (and finishing it) when it was released. It's a hard game, with a steep difficulty curve at the beginning. There are different ways in which to manage situations at the onset of the game, and this can have a major impact on how challenging it can become later on. I remember some abilities and skills not being so balanced. However, I also remember that once a certain level is attained, and certain key items acquired it becomes significantly easier (almost too easy) -- except perhaps for some later more scripted sequences.

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    Well, it is a type of game where you have to read one or more walkthroughs when you are stuck on another quest.

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    There are some balancing issues, unfortunately. Some parts of the game are frigging hard, maybe even impossible without skilling some of the magic skills.

    I gave up in the crypt when the 2 liches attack you. I just died and died and died.

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    I remmber following the advices of the person who showed me the game and investing into enough strength to carry the good sword and making sure to be able to be able to use the fireball.Fireball is absolute.

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