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Thread: Poor Lord Bafford

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    Poor Lord Bafford

    Just discovered there is no thread for this very early T1 mission by Jordan C Steele, it was released June 3nd, 1999, so after 22 years I feel a little love towards it, therefore in respect to one of the trail blazers here are a few screenshots ruthlessly stolen off Darkfate.

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    Thanks for mentioning this. 1999 Wow. Such an early fan mission. I've just downloaded and played. Thank you Jordan C Steele.

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    One of the first missions that I played when I started my long journey to finish every T1/TG mission. I seem to remember there were some very narrow corridors in it.

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    I always liked to play these very old Fan Missions because it was before NewDark, you'd never know what these guys would do or could do at such times.

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