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Thread: Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition

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    Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition

    It was discussed on the Dromed Discord that it might be fun to have a Dromed Speedbuild competition. Whether you’re just itching to build something, or maybe you want a break from that huge project you’re working on, this is a chance to kind of cut loose and make something quickly (and perhaps maybe not so grand or serious).

    We’ve done similar things before, like the 48 and 72 hour contests. This will not be a contest per se, as in there won’t be any voting or a declared winner, but instead will just be a friendly competition with your Dromed cohorts, and a chance to see what you can accomplish in a short period of time. I wanted to give everyone a few days ahead of the start time to sort of plan their mission out and gather resources (if necessary), so the competition will officially start on Sunday, August 1st at midnight (CST in the U.S.) and last for 14 days. I’ll assume everyone believes in the honor system and won’t create their .mis file until then. Ahem.

    We were initially going to implement a “Summer” theme, but in the end decided against it because it was too limiting (but feel free to use the theme if you so choose). In fact, there are no requirements or limitations on what you can or can’t do, except that you must build something with Dromed and of course must get it to me by the deadline.

    Send your missions however possible (via email, a link, through Discord, etc.) by the end of the day on Saturday, August 14th (CST) and then I’ll post all the completed missions together on Sunday.

    So, have at it then…

    UPDATE: The deadline has been extended one day, to Sunday, August 15th, CST.
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    I can't wait to see the missions that are released for this competition! Some of the best missions have been released under time limits.

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    Halfway done! Who is working on a mission?

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    I'm not able to join with an FM but if anyone needs any custom objects, you can PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Halfway done! Who is working on a mission?
    I would be but I've been working on a large mission & about to start beta testing.

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    You would be working on a mission for a contest that ended almost two weeks ago?

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    No just been working on a mission for years but getting close to finishing.

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