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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project - Noclip Greatest Hits

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    Thief: The Dark Project - Noclip Greatest Hits

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    I just watched it. Great retrospecive!

    A few interesting points to me...
    (I don't know if a doc of an old game can have spoilers, but you might want to watch it yourself first.)

    All this time I never caught (or I'd forgotten) that the arrows were built around the 4 elements (air/gas, water, earth/moss, fire). The other interesting insights were the inspirations they took from submarine sim (noise makers & thermal levels as "safe spaces"/shadows) & the commentator patter of the Golf game they were making at the same time.

    And I thought Randy summed up what happened with TDS well. I have a lot of sympathy for the position he and they were thrown into (probably more now than at the time), that he was also gut punched by the same things we were but did the best he could.

    And of course it's always great to hear about that time & place of working at LGS in its prime.

    Looking Glass is dead; long live Looking Glass!

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    I saw it was an hour but after done watching, I wanted another hour.

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    That credit sequences imitating the Dark Project credits was cute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Seifert View Post
    That credit sequences imitating the Dark Project credits was cute
    Yeah, it also reminded me how that song - as the kids say, slaps.

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    i watched video and ,i liked how they realized thief strayed from what thief was suppose to be,less magic and more direct thief type levels

    i like to think what would thief 2 have been like if they were not in a rush and continued with the theme of thief 1,i feel it would have been better

    it is interesting if they did a thief 2 gold and completely go for a true post thief 1 feel ,of course so much was never went through as far as story,they said level first then weave a story around it,kinda sad to hear that

    thief 1 was the best in the series,it tops thief gold and thief 2,someone will ask how does it top thief gold as gold added more levels and i say cause they ruined the mission lay out also the talismans order/etc thief gold made no sense to a person who started on thief 1,and as for thief 3 i do own a real copy of it and i did enjoy it but its not thief 1/g/2 in my view the movement was so bad,i still dream of a day of thief 3 remade in newdark,i know it would be way better game

    otherwise cool video thank you

    its a pirates spice for me

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    A friend linked me to the video last week, and although I had to watch it in sections I thoroughly enjoyed it. I so miss those days... PC gaming was new to me, I was still in high school - life was full of promise

    I think it's about time I played through both games again. Most recently I downloaded the T2 lost alpha and oh my word, the memories came flooding back! If I recall correctly, I got that mission on a demo CD with PC Gamer (UK) way back when, and absolutely played it to death. It's amazing how everything came flooding back to me and I was able to recall the exact layout of things, all these years on.

    Anyway, I highly recommend giving the video linked in this thread a watch - if you haven't already

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    I liked the video. Was a bit surprised to hear Dan Thron's normal speaking voice. His guard and other voices are quite gruff and I think I would have expected him to be gruff. But I didn't particularly recognise his voice until he did the "What's going on over there?" guard voice.

    Well anyway, interesting and informative documentary. Pity LGS couldn't have been both Creatively brilliant and big sellers.

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