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Thread: Kidnap---finding Cavador

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    Kidnap---finding Cavador

    I am at site 5 and Cavador is not here. Is it true that if he has already been here, the lights will be red? Should I just wait till he appears? How long might that be?

    Edit---As I was walking just outside the exit to site 5, I saw Cavador and his guards approaching, so I have him now. Just need to find the exit of the level.
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    Hey Daisy! This is a comprehensive list of walkthroughs/lootmaps for TMA if you need it (Expert)!

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    My understanding is that Cavador visits each site on his inspection tour just once, so if you've missed him at one location there is no point waiting around there.

    I avoid triggering his patrol by not reading the document. So I'll always know exactly where he is, at his starting position.

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