Hi, I love the work Child Of Karras did on enhancing the sound effects, but I found It (and the original) to have some sounds which are way to loud when playing on EAX, metal for example would destroy my ears each time it got hit with a sword or blackjack. So I went and lowered some of those sounds slightly. Not so much they're silent, but they won't shatter your ears anymore.

Check it out if you want to:


Again, all cred goes to "Child Of Karras" I simply tweaked the volume.

How to use these:
Thief I and Gold = copy SND folder to USERMODS.

Thief II = Go to MODS and delete T2snd, copy SND to MODS folder.

Or simply replace the one in MODS with these, If using Tfix/T2fix.
Remember to backup your old files if you want to go back to the regular version.

NOTE: If the normal sound pack sounds good for you, don't use this, this is an alternative for those like me who think some sounds are too harsh,
not meant to replace the original.