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Thread: TG FM - The Four Emperors (Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition)

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    TG FM - The Four Emperors (Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition)

    The Four Emperors, a Thief Gold fan mission by Grandmauden, created for Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition.

    Download link: CLICK

    If you need some help on your way back to the starting point - don't be discouraged, the route is the same, but it needs a slightly alternative approach to the obstacles.

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    Wow what a superb lost civilisation tomb raiding mission, its huge bearing in mind it was only built in 2 weeks, so a huge thank you for this gem Grandmauden.

    But. I’m having a problem working out how to raise the planks to get back across the Hall of the Wind, I’ve found 3 bricks, do they have anything to do with the solution?

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    Mission beaten in 45 min. I collected 3310 loot. That was really fun mission with some tricky puzzles. Sadly bridge puzzle doesn't work very well, because textures on bridges is very similar (fire and earth looks the same and air and water also looks the same). I would prefer that all 4 bridges were of 4 different colors. Because right now it's a bit of trial and error. I also had problem with figuring out how to get out of this section after taking skull. I cheesed that by strafe jumping on bridges while they were falling. Later I returned to this room and found the proper solution, but that was the hardest puzzle. But still it was really fun mission and thanks to these hard puzzles, I think it is my favorite mission in contest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    I’ve found 3 bricks, do they have anything to do with the solution?
    Yes, but the solution is not what you're thinking.

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    Trouble is I’m not thinking, looking everywhere apart from the right place it would appear. Tried building a bridge with them but there aren’t enough of them.

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    Do you have the scroll from the brazier in this hall? Read it again and see if it gives you any ideas.

    Bigger hint: an ignorant person would have no options to choose from.

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    Very good mission. I enjoyed it, Thank you. 2620/3430 on Normal. (Interesting names for the Emperors).

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    Well I beat it in the end using the bricks and yes that was sneaky. Overall a really good mission though I thought all of the puzzles to get to the final tomb were far too easy, the quality of the build was excellent and to think you made this in only 2 weeks, I'm seriously impressed. Thank you for this one.

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    Yeah this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the puzzle difficulty - a few made me stop and think but nothing had me completely stumped. I really enjoyed the reversals on the way back too.
    Only nitpick is that the halls themselves were a bit flat and samey so I got turned around a couple of times, but on the whole I had a blast with this one!

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    What a cool mission, I love trials like this. Not too easy but not too hard either I played on normal difficulty, cause I didnīt know what to expect when I read about being in a crypt
    And I canīt believe you made such a big and good mission in just 2 weeks
    Definitely gonna replay on expert some day!

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    Good mission, reminded me of other Lost City-like missions including Return to the Lost City. It was a bit refreshing to return back, especially bringing those bricks to cope with lava pits. I don't know whether it is intended solution, but when I returned through elemental bridges I did this: I jumped into the middle of bridge and immediately (until bridge falls down) jumped to the another side, to the solid surface.

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    Im stuck in the tomb/crypt of the 4 emperors, any hints on how to escape..?

    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    There's a thread for that one here:

    But if you're stuck by the elemental bridges, you need to trip them all with bricks.
    Im stuck at the location with the water falls.

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    nm I randomly figured it out, you have to trip all the falling bridges - thats not a very common thief gameplay mechanic.

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    Great mission !! but I am stuck leaving where you followed the lighted braziers, I tried using fire arrows?

    Edit: never mind of course right after I posted!!

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    @michael a: Darn, I tried to make the bridges sensitive enough to prevent that, but clearly not sensitive enough. All of the reverse puzzles have an alternate exit from the room you're intended to take.

    @pwl: It's a little hard to notice, but there's something different in the brazier room now. Also, read the scroll from this room again and see if it clues you in on where to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmauden View Post
    Darn, I tried to make the bridges sensitive enough to prevent that, but clearly not sensitive enough.
    There is also another way to cross this room without making bridges to fall. You can jump to top of waterfalls and then do tricky strafe jumps and mantling to the other side. But that's the solution that probably only supreme ghosters will consider.

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    Really good precursor themed mission, Granmauden, thank you. And this mission besides being fun to play also teaches you a little lesson. Finished with 3180 loot, but I was worried when I left the room of the valiant on the way back that I missed a lot of the loot. Luckily the last room saved the day

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    This is the mission that lasted longer for me in the contest, took me some time to find my way back to the starting point, had to check here some spoilers, i had fun with this mission, it's always interesting to return to the underground temples of the 4 elements. Thank you!

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    just finished...lovely mission..Thank you!
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